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Psycho-Pass 2: Too good for words

Psycho-Pass 2: Too good for words

Psycho-Pass Season 1 is living proof that the crime genre-in anime– is back in its glory. So when Season 2 of the show arrived, one can only feel that the previous season is a preview of coming attractions. Plus, if one keeps in mind how the Sibyl System scans the Psycho-Pass, it would be very dark in color from watching the first season alone. Hence we ought to be executed for it. But what’s life without a little danger? We only get to live once, after all.

Season 2 kicks off with the main character as Akane Tsunemori who is now promoted to Inspector and is head of Division 1. Her Enforcers this time apart from Kunizuka, are Sho Hinakawa, Sakuya Togane and (gasp) former inspector Nobuchika Ginoza. Her assistant is Mika Shimotsuki, a character from the first season. Shorter than Season 1, the second season focuses on Division 1’s pursuit of Kirito Kamui whose mysterious crimes start to catch attention, particularly Tsunemori’s since Kamui has taken some pains to grab her attention. Also, his crimes, though on a mass-scale, are committed in a manner that makes it difficult for anyone to catch him, let alone measure his Crime Coefficient. Her attitude towards her Enforcers is still the same but has gone through a major personality change in her job. She has also gotten Joji Saiga, another recurring character of Season 1, to help her catch the criminal. But it is a source of annoyance for Sub-inspector Shimotsuki, who is both contemptuous and jealous of Tsunemori.  But Akane has grown somewhat close with Enforcer Togane who supports her but some of his actions prove that there is more to him than meets the eye.

What makes this season better than its predecessor is that it was more structured and focused in its narration, hence the show didn’t drag. From all accounts, it seems that the directors and writers have learnt from their mistakes and made sure nothing like that occurs this season. The second season is the one where even the stingiest critic has now become an ardent fan of the heroine of the story. In fact, Tsunemori is the character who has proved to everyone that she is the woman for the job in the MWPSB. She is now much tougher and cool-headed while her detective skills have improved considerably. What is even more interesting is how she balances her internal struggles with her need to do her job well. Out of the Enforcers, it is Ginoza who is the most noticeable. His demotion has brought about a considerable change in him which makes the viewers sympathize and like him as well. Shimotsuki is unlikeable but the writer of the show did an amazing job in showcasing her distaste and her obstinacy which is heavily challenged in the show.  Recurring character Joji Saiga from season 1 is also a delight this time. His analysis and thinking are refreshing and add punch to the show. The show’s violence has somewhat toned down so, with the exception of the last few episodes, viewers will not feel too disturbed with the show.

Though Kirito Kamui is a very interesting antagonist, one would feel at times that he is not capable of filling Shogo Makishima’s shoes. Makishima had more personality and charisma as a villain which is why many fans are drawn to him. And since Makishima was the more colorful character of the two, there does come a point where a person would not be much impressed by Kamui or his crimes until later on in the episode.

But overall, the season is proof that this show is not going anywhere. And now that this season had gotten people to finally root for Tsunemori, fans will now want to watch this show for her sake but with good reason this time.


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