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PSL Spot Fixing Scandal, not over yet

PSL Spot Fixing Scandal, not over yet

Nasir Jamshed latest to receive ban in the scandal.

Nasir Jamshed has been entangled in the PSL spot fixing scandal as the investigation team has banned him for one year, till 13th February 2018. The non-cooperation of Nasir has been the main reason for his ban as he is still not convicted in the spot fixing scandal. He is the 6th victim of the scandal after Sharjeel Khan, Khalid Latif, Muhmmad Nawaz, Shahzeb Hassan and Muhammad Irfan. Khalid and Sharjeel have already received five year bans, while Irfan has completed hi six month ban.

At the moment there are 2 investigations going for Nasir Jamshed’s scam, under PCB Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) and the other by National Crime Agency UK. According to media reports it is clear that NCA UK and ACU are in collaboration with target focus Nasir Jamshed and Yousaf Anwar, the bookmaker. Nasir Jamshed recently said:

“We have every confidence in the National Crime Agency, but we have very little confidence in the PCB. How can we trust them? They have leaked information to the media”

A reflection of this can be easily seen in the case of Sharjeel Khan where the PCB has tweaked the code by now making it important to go to CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sports) for the appeal against the decision of tribunal. Sharjeel Khan’s lawyer has called it a tactic to avert them from appeal. Because theoretically now, if Sharjeel files petition in Pakistan’s court, PCB can object that it should first have gone for CAS. Moreover, it’s expensive and difficult to reach CAS and get them in the pool for the case.

Sharjeel Khan recently flared up on a TV show regarding his ban and also blamed Col. Azam for inducing him to accept the fixing in order to avoid hard punishments. He even claimed that before investigation trials he was called and intimidated for accepting the felony, while he denied consistently and is facing the consequences for that.

Recently, Mohammad Sami was summoned by the ACU for a probation, from ongoing BPL’17 where he was part of Rajshahi Kings. However, PCB has said it was an ordinary meeting to collect some information for the investigation and he provided that. They even quoted that there was nothing to worry about it, but during the investigation of Sharjeel and Khalid it was seen that earlier approaches by bookies were made in BPL. Perhaps it can be a signal for ominous outcomes.


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