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Poocho Sawaal Ayaa Jaswal

Poocho Sawaal Ayaa Jaswal

On 6th November 2018, NUST Media Club and NUST Music Xperiment conducted a successful collaborative event titled “Pocho Sawal, Aya Jaswal”, Where, as the name suggests, Umair Jaswal was invited for an Interactive session

The event was formally started with the recitation of the Holy Quran, followed by the National Anthem.

A short introductory video of Umair Jaswal was played after this, in which a brief glimpse of his various performances and songs was shown.

Umair Jaswal started his talk by attempting to motivate his audience; he talked about how important it is to believe in ones dreams and possess certain ambitions and how one should try to follow their dreams.

He further talked about personal development and even joked on the matter by saying,

“If you want to please everyone around you, then just become an ice cream man.”

This short session was followed by one which shed some light on Mr. Jaswals personal life and a brief Introduction about the celebrity was given. This included details such as how Umair Jaswal is the middle brother of the famous singers, Yasir Jaswal and Uzair Jaswal, how he’s an actor, singer, songwriter and a music producer. Emphasis was shed on how he’s recognized internationally by his renowned Coke Studio songs, the most famous being his hit “Sammi Meri Waar”.

The hosts then proceeded to a question and answer session with Umair.

Jaswal told the story of the start of his music career when his brother, Yasir Jaswal, had a band called Irtaash. He talked about how the noticeable energy of the crowd and their crowd during his brother’s concerts inspired him to be a musician. His dream started off with him becoming a drummer, and then turning into a guitarist, he ultimately ended up being a vocalist.  He also brought up his memories from when being in the band ‘Qayyas’.

On being asked about his first celebrity crush, he mentioned Amina Shafaat. Someone who’s a former Pakistani model. He talked about how his childhood crush started when he saw her appear in a shampoo ad. The crush was so serious that he even kept her autograph in his wallet for six years.

After this, the Hosts had an exciting game for Umair Jaswal where he had to choose between two options. Them being,

Momina Mustehsan or Aaima Baig,

Ali Zafar or Atif Aslam,

Nawaz Shareef, Shehbaz Shareef or none,

and many more!

The most important question being one that has caught the whole of Pakistan in a conflict, one we still haven’t managed to decide; Biryani with aalo or without aalo?

To which Umair Jaswal gave a slightly political reply,

“Any of these is okay, but I myself would prefer Biryani without elaichi”

Next, a rapid fire round was conducted where the host said a word and Jaswal had to answer the first thing that came in his mind. His humorous answers kept the audience entertained; “Goli” “Jo dost karate hain”.

Another Fun Session following this was one in which the hosts read random people’s comments off of his pictures. Deliberately choosing the funniest ones, such as:

“You take my breathe away every single time” or “Oh lord, have some mercy on me”. Jaswal took this in good humor and commented at the end saying,

“I feel that all these profiles made by this one Uncle Rasheed who happens to comment from time to time”, to which the audience erupted in applause.

Towards the end, a student of NUST, Kumail Haider was called on stage at this point to perform a song and left the crowd mesmerized with his alluring voice.

Jaswal officially ended the event by singing his famous song, ‘Sammi Meri Waar’.

Team PaperCrush asked students from the audience about what they thought of the event, Mahrosh Khan, a student of Mass Communication in S3H said,

“The event really helped me know more about my favorite coke studio singer; I really enjoyed it and the management pulled off the event in a very organized way.”

Upon asking Zoha Jamshed, the Event Head for ‘Poocho Sawal, Aya Jaswal’, what her thoughts were, she said,

“I’m so glad the event was successful! I was a little worried prior to the event as the venue got changed at the last minute and I thought that people might not show. However, upon seeing the happy faces in the crowd and noticing how much they’re enjoying the event it really took a burden off of me!” Zoha continued, “I’d like to point out that the performance by Umair in the end really stole the show and this was a great experience for me personally as I learnt a lot of new things too. Here’s to the future and more successful events by NMC!”


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