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POEM: Demons of depression

POEM: Demons of depression

On some days I feel I am ready to face the world

I put on a brave face and my fighter spirit is illuminated

On some days

I sit on the stairs and cry so hard

On depressed days,

All I see is black shadows

On some days I feel grateful

That my depression has made me see the dark, painful side of the world

On some days I prove that I can compete

But on some days I can’t give my 100 percent

On those days

People call me a procrastinator

They call me an attention seeking fool

They call me worthless

I can’t say I am one of those

Because maybe sometimes I feel the same

But one thing I know for sure is

That I am an ordinary person fighting an extraordinary battle

With the demons of depression.


About The Author

Bariyah Faisal

About: I am a passionate cricket fan. My interests include reading fiction and writing poetry.