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How Pakistan reacted to Donald Trump’s Jerusalem Decision

How Pakistan reacted to Donald Trump’s Jerusalem Decision

A summary of how Government and citizens lashed out at the US President

On Wednesday 6th of December 9, 2017 the president of the United States, Donald Trump arbitrarily declared Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel in a speech from the White House. This new approach to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, as is the stated reasoning behind his historical declaration, has sent shockwaves throughout the world. Not surprisingly the Palestinians rose up in protest and other Muslim states followed suit.

Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia took to the streets to showcase their disgust with chants and cries of “Destroy the Zionists” and “Down with America” resonating within the streets of Karachi and Kuala Lumpur.

The people of Pakistan displayed much resentment against Trump’s decision. On the 7th of December, mass demonstrations in Peshawar ensued with shouts of protest and burning of the American and Israeli flags.

Supporters of the Difa-e-Pakistan Council (DPC), an Islamic organization, chant slogans as they burn Israeli and U.S. flags during a protest against President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, in Peshawar, Pakistan. REUTERS/Fayaz Aziz

Pakistani citizens also took to social media to lash out at Trump’s decision

Pakistan officially stands beside the Palestinians on this matter with the statement from the Prime Minister’s house declaring,” It is deeply regrettable that pleas from states across the globe not to alter the legal and historical status of Al-Quds Al-Sharif (Jerusalem) have been ignored, more out of choice than necessity.” The decision is also in violation of international law set forth by the UN Security Council and thus this event has also been deemed a setback to international peace efforts, especially in the Middle East.

The city of Jerusalem has seen much conflict and social turmoil due to the rights of possession over it that are exercised by both the Jews of Israel and the Arab-Muslim Palestinians. The reason for the divide is the rich world heritage that encompasses the city. Jerusalem is a historical focal point for both the Jewish and the Palestinians. The Jews celebrate their three thousand year history here, while the Palestinians hold much pride in their Arab ancestry, tied to the time of the Ottomans. Needless to say an uncompromising need for official custody over the land of Jerusalem lies in the hearts of both the Jews and the Palestinians.

The reasons behind this move remain as mere speculation at this point but it can be said without a shadow of a doubt that this proclamation has sparked unneeded violence in the Middle East anew. Whether this will turn out to be just another political stunt by the US president or a precursor to more Israeli-Palestinian bloodshed, only time will tell.


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