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Pakistan Army shoots another Indian ‘spy drone’

Pakistan Army shoots another Indian ‘spy drone’

Pakistan Army shot an Indian ‘spy drone’, hovering into the airspace into Chirikot, Azad Kashmir. The
official statement says that the drone tried to violate the airspace and was being used as a mechanism
to spy the plotting of troops through aerial photography. The army has also claimed that it was the
fourth drone since last year which has been captured after violating the LOC. Inter Services Public
Relations (ISPR) stated that:








Indian Army as usual has refused such claims by stating:
“Some reports of a drone crash in PoK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir) are being referred to. No drone or
UAV crash of the Indian Army has taken place,”
Both the nations have never accepted their mischief, however in recent time the political tensions has
made the LOC extremely vulnerable for both the nations. The officials have claimed that drone spying is
a big threat and can lead to big problems. It is quite vivid and even many TV channels have reported
that, since the Modi government has taken the control, political tensions have significantly increased.

On the other hand, approximately a month ago Pakistan Army also tested an anti-tank guided missile on
India’s static positions which resulted in the death of many people. The attacks and counter-attacks
have been a daily news. The borderline tension has led to many problems even the president of Azad
Kashmir has prepared an evacuation plan for the residents near LoC , in order to counter threats to the
lives of people. Pakistan government has also lodged an official complaint against the violation of the
ceasefire of LoC, by summoning the Indian Deputy High Commissioner JP Singh at the Foreign Office.


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