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Olympiad Day 2

Olympiad Day 2

The sounds of instruments rumbled throughout, crazed fans yelled at the top of their lungs, and the excitement took over. The enormous stage was set up perfectly as the band slowly started to make their way to the spotlight. The level of sound was so astronomical as the music roared through the venue out to the streets of NUST . Every time the bass drum was struck by Karim Bashir, the feeling of the repercussion was within the members of the crowd’s chests. The floor beneath the magnanimous crowd of people seemed to sway with the beat of each song. The stage and the crowd was always full of commotion, bringing animation into the night with stage lights that were dimmed and the ground was filled with students lifting their mobiles to torch upon the fan lights, and just like the waves of sea, everyone splashed out right after the lights were off, roaring out their brimming energy with jubilant conviction and blazing fireworks, dancing to the Pakistani pop music and echoing enthusiasm all the way to the stage.  This is how “Strings” an internationally acclaimed Pakistani pop rock band composed their performance for NUST Olympiad Day 2. Utterly beautiful and honestly worth all of the waiting that everyone endured throughout the daylight of Day 2.

No doubt, apart from the Strings factor, it were also the exciting events that were held under the day light like Run for the stars and Air Gun Shooting that played a huge role into this bulging energy of the crowds by the evening. Many competitions were held, some where students had to be contained and focused upon their targets to win the position such as shooting.






Then there was ‘Pakistan Got Talent’ where students from all over from Pakistan chose NUST Olympiad to be that singular platform where they openly and proudly expressed themselves through their talents. The crowds applauded and appreciated such diversity of skills and art, whereas the judges, including the famous singer Abdullah Qureshi, seemed to be equally amazed by what was stored among each and every participant. Moreover, in the Robot Competition, all of the charming geeks took over with their complex yet advanced designs and functions of robots that impressed all the engineering tuned brains. Then, for those who crave the beauty possessed in Urdu, there was Bait Bazi that took a linguistic approach of winning hearts. Finally, there was the epic Battle of the Bands which introduced fresh new talents that composed and rocked amazing and zealous music .






Public speaking, Essay writing and NUST Youth Parliament were also held on Day 2 where we spotted all the intellects delivering out their best, sharing wisdom and insights and gaining broadening their horizons with newly found knowledge . Whereas, in the Fifa competition, we could see youngsters glued to the screen, cheering to every single goal that they scored. Despite winning or losing, every participant ended up learning something, either be it team work or individual essence and this learning made them perceive to be invincible.






In the evening, there was a unique yet highly captivating display of a vintage car show, which pulled people in big numbers to view these beautiful timely classics. The cars included the iconic Volkswagen Transporter to the infinitesimally adorable Beetle.









At the Day 2 ‘s end, the final invincibility that healed every emotion of the lost one and bloomed the happiness of the winners was the Strings concert that took place in the night and concluded their two hour memorable performance and the NUST Olympiad Day 2 with a vibrant display of fireworks!



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