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NUST’s Newest Society is Out of This World!

NUST’s Newest Society is Out of This World!

NUST recently welcomed its new Physics and Astronomy Society!


Thursday, 23rd November marked a very important day for the seniors and faculty members of BS Physics, because that is when their brainchild, the SNS Physics Club, was finally embraced as an official society of the National University of Science and Technology.

Initiated by the Batch of 2014 as freshmen, the SNS Physics Club would host weekly discussions on topics of Physics. The weekly seminars proved to be a forum for mutual learning and dialogue as the students and faculty members would engage in discussion related to the topic being presented.

Over the years, the weekly sessions began to happen on a larger scale, and professors from different universities – and even different countries – would be invited to give an insight on the recent developments in Physics and Astronomy.

After three years of constant efforts to get recognized as a venture to delve into the depths of Physics, the club finally arose as a society; with co-founder Abdul Basit Alam being elected as President.

Speaking to PaperCrush, Abdul Basit expressed that despite the ten-fold increase in responsibility as President, he feels a “joyous calm” that wasn’t there before. “Our work here isn’t done, not nearly, but we’ve surely taken a step in the right direction and for that, I am glad.”

Being recognized as a university level society will allow for movement from seminars to various other activities. The society plans to organize demonstrations of general to complex models using simulations and physical models to begin with. The club will be able to hold Astronomy events after the required department is established.

Another notable figure who joined the Physics Club in its infant stages is Fatima Amin, now the Treasurer of the society. With the society’s recruitment drive currently underway, she mentioned how their team is looking for passionate, talented recruits who really think they can help establish and maintain an everlasting legacy of love for Physics.

She said that this society is special for her because her batch was the one to initiate this idea. “Farsad Ahmad, Abdul Basit Alam, Muhammad Sakhi, and Sameem-ur-Rehman were the pioneers. One year later I joined in helping them and ever since, we have been working together, arranging weekly seminars for three years now.” She added that faculty members like Mr. Asghar Qadeer had helped by appreciating the efforts of the society and regularly being part of the events.

On being asked of what the Physics society has to offer, the President Abdul Basit said the society intends to put science into the limelight. “What we offer everyone, is the chance to ignite the spark that took man to the moon” he said.


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