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NUST Olympiad Day Three

NUST Olympiad Day Three

As the sunrise on 9th of March announced the dawn of Day 3 of the NUST Olympiad Series, it was beyond any doubt that the event had already left an unwavering impression onto its attending crowds. As the breakfast tables at NUST Hostels crowded up in the morning with Olympiad participants bursting in delight over the mesmerizing chronicles of the spectacular Strings Concert from the night before, it was already clear that the Day 3 had highest of expectations to meet. So, like eager morning birds who strike into action with the breaking of the first beams of sunrise, the Olympiad Organizing Host Committee had already sprung into action for what lied ahead. Hence, by the time the participants freshened up and reached their designated spots for the day’s contests, little was left to do but to jump start right back into the games with all preparations made!

Let’s begin the recap with one of  the most heated contests of the day! This was the Basketball Boys Contest where the Boys Team from Bahria University pitched up against the Team representing NUST, right in their own home ground. Adding further fuel to the fire, both the times are widely recognized as the top most dominating houses in Northern Zone of HEC Inter Varsity Competitions. So, as you could imagine, the match was indeed no less than an anguishing nail biting event, with both sides trying to outclass the other. Though in the end, the Boys Team from Bahria University clutched its deserving victory and left an impressive legacy behind them. Perhaps it was the pain of this defeat, that instead fired up the NUST Girls Basketball Team and in an epic twist of events, gave a definitive defeat to its opponent house in the Girls Basketball Tournament. So, thanks to this victory, NUST Basketball folks were able to retaliate and join the carnival later that day with revived spirits!

Next up, there was an interesting contest of Squash between a rising talent from Comsats up against the much experienced defending champion Umair Gul Khan. Although the player from Comsats showed admirable effort in a bid to win the match, it was not enough against the sheer talent of the Squash Veteran himself. So, in a brief but entertaining match, Umair Gul claimed the winner’s spot and managed to safeguard his reign in this challenging sport.

Now comes another memorable contest of NUST Olympiad Series, and this was the Boys Handball Competition. With a huge crowd pulling in to witness a much beloved sports, the stakes were sky high for the Team Stallions consisting mainly of students from IESE against the Team from S3H. The match was a neck to neck affair, with both teams retaliating and attacking swiftly against each other. The scoreboard reflected this tension, and just around the full time, the Stallions were crucial 2 points behind the S3H Team. In an almost surreal take of events, the Stallions managed to score 2 goals in the very last minutes of the match hence dragging the match into a draw that eventually lasted in a penalty shoot-out. The Stallions’ goal keeper stole the show, by defending the goal every time while the Stallions managed to score on all 5 of the shoot outs. Hence with a 13-8 scoreboard display, the Stallions took the trophy and celebrated their victory.

So, as the dust settled down as the contests came to their ends at all of NUST’s sports grounds, there was yet another night of stellar fun awaiting the participants. To celebrate the true spirit of festivity of youth culture and to bring together colors, lights, rides, foods and music all together, NUST Olympiad presented an exciting Olympiad Carnival and EDM Night to enchant its crowds. The SCME ground was teleported to a world of Disney-esque and nostalgic vibes where amusement rides flushed in shades of rubies, emeralds and blues flashed and shined as they spun and whirled soaring high in the air. There were food stalls to offer a wide variety of cuisines, from burgers to hot Chinese takeaways and the whole place was decorated beautifully by several combinations of arts installations. Perhaps one of the biggest attractions at the event was the Flying Pirate Ship, which dared the brave hearted on a voyage to soar and sink perilously right into the thin air. Then there was the Ferris Wheel offering an eagle eye view of the whole campus and trampolines for those who still adore their inner child. However, the real deal of the night was the EDM performance, that rocked the whole house with none other than the superb beats by the Dj Duo Somewhatsuper themselves along with other artists like DJ Massiv and DJ Toshi. As the tunes of the hottest mashups and remixes of the latest chart toppers banged, the crowd of Olympiad’s winners, runner ups and participants swayed together in waves synched to the same melodies.

Hence, by the time that the third eventful day of NUST Olympiad concluded, hearts were won all across in utmost of joy and almost every attendant signed off that night with a treasure of newly made memories and friendships, both of which they’d surely cherish for a long time ahead!



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