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NUST has a New Hiking trail, and its waiting for you!

NUST has a New Hiking trail, and its waiting for you!

One of the newest additions to the NUST’s Islamabad campus is a hiking trail. While it comes with guidelines and a pre-defined visit times, it has opened up for students, a place that was previously out of bounds.

Near NUST’s Gate 10, the trail passes through the hills of H-12 to overlook the scenic beauty of the entire premises. The students are all very excited about this new prospect, because it will provide for even more activities during the frosty mornings and chilly evenings of winter.

The hiking trail will be a wonderful place to kick-start the day with an early-morning trek. Since winters in Islamabad are very cold, a morning hike would be perfect to warm up for a day full of studies.

Bird watching is another hobby that can be pursued amidst the hilltops of NUST. With a pair of binoculars, or a good camera, one can witness and capture the sight of exotic birds. Books such as Birds of Pakistan (by Richard Grimmett, T. Roberts, and Tim Inskipp) can help in identifying the names of the birds spotted.

Lastly, the trail can be the best place to get some amazing pictures of NUST. Anyone with even the slightest bit of interest in photography would agree to the fact that this hiking trail is quite promising for some really good scenic shots.

The NUST hiking trail might be the best place to be for students and faculty members with some spare time on their hands, between their usually busy student schedules. While this article suggests some options that can be pursed on this trail, the options are endless. Even while remaining within the guidelines, there is plenty of fun to be had.


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