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NUST- Life on Campus

NUST- Life on Campus

According to the annual university rankings by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) for the year 2016, National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) was ranked as the top Engineering University of Pakistan. Consequently, huge number of students, both local and international- apply to NUST, every year. Out of all the other campuses of NUST, most of the students opt for H-12, since it’s the main campus and offers a wide variety of degree choices.

Since there are students applying to NUST from all over the world, the university also offers hostel facility. While many in-living students complain about the condition of the hostels and tasteless mess meals, many seem to rejoice the freedom that comes with living on their own.

When asked about how hostel life helps individuals in learning practical life skills, Safina Naz, a third year student of School of Natural Sciences (SNS),  said “I learned different aspects of life, including; decision making, management and problem-solving.”

Another aspect that was highlighted by a few in-living students was of time-saving. Muhammad Fahad Zubair, who is doing BS Mathematics from NUST, mentioned how in-living students get to utilise their time in a much better way, as compared to the day scholars who’s a lot of time is wasted in travelling to the university and waiting for classes to resume after long breaks.


Even though most in-living students love the fact that they can be with their friends at all times and celebrate little moments of joy, many believe that this adversely affects their studies.

Freeha Tariq, who is currently in her sophomore year, and lived in the NUST hostels for a year, said “I enjoyed being a hostilite but it was affecting my grades because I partied all the time with my friends instead of studying, which is why I moved out”. 

While most of the in-living students are satisfied with the ambience provided in the hostel, many feel that the mess meals aren’t up to the mark.

As expressed by Sauleha Imtiaz, a sophomore at NUST, “The amount of water in the curry is directly proportional to the number of girls dining in that day”.

For day scholars, the story is totally opposite, they feel that they get to experience the joy of being with friends and the satisfaction of being at home- both at the same time.


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