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How NUST Hostelites Spent Pakistan Day

How NUST Hostelites Spent Pakistan Day

Typically, hostilities at the National University of Sciences and Technology (Nust) eagerly look forward to the holidays, which is the only time they can visit their families, if they are lucky enough.

Nayab Javaid, a final year student at School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Seecs) said, “A lot of hype was created about Pakistan day this year because of the foreign troops. This year parade was strategically important because Turkish, Saudi and Chinese troops were participating in it. This Pakistan day also gave a positive image of Pakistan to the world. It is kind of bilateral alliance where we can learn and teach.”

Imran Khan, an economics student at the School of Social Sciences and Humanities (S3H) said, “I uploaded my status on Facebook, watched a movie of Jinnah and studied according to the routine.”

“I was expecting a holiday on the 24th which unfortunately we did not get. I planned a lot of things for this holiday but I could not enjoy because of OHTs (One Hour Tests) so it was quite disappointing.” said Rabeeka Ferdous, a material engineering student at School of Chemical and Material Engineering (SCME).

Qandeel Noor Abbasi, a 3rd year student at School of Natural Sciences (SNS) said, “I had a discussion with my roommate regarding Pakistan’s future. I passed a resolution for myself and it was to help those children who cannot get education. We are so privileged and we study in prestigious universities then what is the point if we do not do anything to make a difference in the lives of such people.”

Ms. Abbasi added that she used to decorate her house and cycle with flags of Pakistan in her childhood. She used to wear white clothes for this day and visit different places but now she doesn’t get time to celebrate this day in same way because of her busy routine.

Usman Khan a second year Nust Business School (NBS) student said, “It was not different than a weekend holiday for me. The only thing which made my day was morning parade.”

“I watched parade on TV, listened to national songs and did some research on Pak armed forces and relations with other countries. I also watched an interview with a NATO official,” said Anam Khan, a student at S3H.

Mariam Kamil Jan, an Economics student at S3H said, “Parade was interesting this year as different troops were taking part in it which shows that relations of Pakistan with other countries have improved over time.”

“I think that Pakistan day should be celebrated in universities instead of giving holiday and I was expecting something different in mess but it was same as usual.” Ms Jan added.

Nouman Karim, a freshman at S3H said, “This Pakistan Day was like other normal days for me. There should be some sort of celebrations in hostels that students should remember such days in their whole lives.”

Some hostilities could not enjoy this holiday because of OHTs while for others it was a golden opportunity to visit their homes because weekend was also coming. Students who stayed over were quite disappointed because their classes were cancelled. However most of the students tried to celebrate Pakistan Day in their own manner.

How did you spend Pakistan Day? Let us know in the comments below!


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