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What NUST high achievers really do and don’t do…

What NUST high achievers really do and don’t do…

It’s a common notion in Pakistan that NUST is the place where the nerdiest students reside. From future engineers to social scientists, business entrepreneurs to architects, and computer scientists to bio applied scientists, you’ll find scores of theta people in NUST for whom attaining a high GPA is the only goal.
So I decided to do some research on what they really do and what they don’t do, and I got some really insight on the topic. Here’s what I found out:

  • They practice exams!

    Yes, rather than cramming all the syllabus, toppers spend their time on finding different expected questions from course books before their OHTs, mids and finals. “Practice exams, fake it and make it!” said a SEECS (SCHOOL OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER SCIENCE) topper.


  • Always stay one step ahead!

50% of NUST high achievers complete their work tasks outside work hours. An NBS (NUST BUSINESS SCHOOL) topper said, “We just try to complete assignments, projects, reflections and presentations’ preparations hours before the ‘eleventh hour’.”


  • They remain attentive during lectures!

Even when the instructor is boring, high achievers remain alert and observant. An S3H (SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HUMANITIES) topper said “Instructors make papers and we can understand their psyche only by listening to them in a better way.”


  • They don’t do drugs!

    95% of NUST’s highest GPA scoring peeps that I met don’t do drugs!
    Mental stability and good hygiene are the most important factors they ranked for scoring high, and that’s why they don’t do drugs…

An S3H (SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HUMANITIES) alumnus, topper and a former drug addict told us from his experience ,“The thing is that you have to focus on studies for achieving good grades and the biggest destroyer of your focusing abilities are drugs so remain immunized from every kind of drug”.


  • They remain relevant and specific in studies

“Don’t just read every word of the chapter; be relevant and specific, highlight important lines and memorize it!” suggested an ASAB topper.


  •  They pull their scattered ideas together.

You took notes in class. You read the textbook. You did the homework. But the ideas are scattered in your mind like an unsolved jigsaw. Solve this puzzle by putting your ideas together.

“Look for the connections between the notes and the book”, said a student of SMME.

  • They practice religion.

“Praying 5 times a day teaches you how to maintain discipline and do time management in a day and performing well in studies only needs time management!”, said a SEECS topper. And almost every high achiever I approached had the same opinion. “Religion is the most important thing in every aspect of life and same case goes with this (education)” said a nerd from S3H.


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