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On Friday, the 22nd of February 2019, National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) honored its in total 31 well-acclaimed societies, all of which have been playing their outstanding roles in establishing diverse and incredible opportunities for student extracurricular activities. While most of them have successfully been thriving at NUST for five or so years, others in more special cases, have endured even more.

Having withstood years that come and go, societies have become an incumbent and integral part of students’ lives at NUST, and their need to many-a-time ignite individual passions, which ultimately, creates a sense of connectedness amongst those they interact with for the respective causes. Thus, these societies are integral in bridging many likeminded student communities at NUST for inspiring in them a dedication to advance in their fields of interests even more and build their own and ultimately the University’s respected repute.

You have an idea? Great. Now you have 31 platforms to execute it!

Some of the “Original Gangsters”, as most students like to amicably call, were NUST Debating Society, NUST Media Club, NUST Environmental Club, NUST Adventure Club, and a few others. Now, while some of these have independently been in full-swing since the day of their inaugurations, societies like NAC lives to see a number of extensions of its respective domains into NUST Trekking Club, NUST Paragliding Club, NUST Watersports, and even NUST Excursion Club. These official extensions now hold their own respective office-bearers, with sound capacities to lead hundreds of students on specialized trips every year. Overall, this has opened up new domains of expertise, and even more opportunities for the people at NUST to take part in.


While a number of meetings are conducted annually or such for similar reasons, the ceremony was one of a kind, and definitely a first. The well-awaited afternoon was accompanied with all the OBs of different societies/clubs with their respective Faculty Sponsors, the esteemed Student Affairs’ Hierarchy, with the Deputy Director being the MOC, as well as the respected Principles/Deans of schools. Most importantly, the Chief Guest being the Pro-Rector of Education, honored the cause with his presence. Indeed, it was a sight worthy of being remembered for a long time ahead. The event was vigored by an Oath-Taking ceremony, which was sure to instill a feeling of perseverance and resolve for years and milestones to come.

Soon after, the much awaited highlight of the event rolled out. All the OBs with their respective Faculty Sponsors were lauded with official pins for their professional efforts throughout the years; a push for even more.

The awarding of the pins was followed by a general survey and a discussion that was aimed to look into the subjective eras of each society, and to what extent each of them had significantly penetrated amongst the masses, which unfortunately also aired a possibility of certain clubs being disbanded.  In addition to that, questions on the proper criterion of OB selection was raised since in a small handful of the cases, some of them seemingly had failed to acknowledge merit and plausible experience, and instead took advantage of a channel that was already improper. One in particular argued the belief that the higher positions were now unfairly being filled in by Sophomores who lacked the proper robustness. That brings us to a rather sardonic note: seniors in their final years, send in resumes for the next OB recruitment. Those repeating semesters? Even better.

In the midst of it all, several OBs and Sponsors were having interactions of their own with various mindsets alike; and the session was concluded with a hi-tea.

For some reason, we often tend to keep the reality of how much work and determination it takes to be academically and societally fit completely hidden. The attention that Office Bearers and their respective subordinates pay to a number of interests oftentimes deviating their own – should not be buried. It should not be an afterthought.

We speak the same language – centering on the truth that resolution and running offices basing on a few hundred intellectuals with benevolent ideas of their own take immense courage.  And that the beginning is not necessarily the most important part of the work – much to Plato’s dismay.



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