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Nurture the Nature

Nurture the Nature

What can give us peace, beauty and diversity – all in one place?
What can make us realise our sole purpose in this world – the purpose not discovered through the scientific knowledge?
What can make us feel at home – even in a strange place?
What sight can serve as an escape – from the darkness and horror inside us?

All these have a single answer– nature – a phenomenon which influences us, and simultaneously is influenced by us.

The flowing fresh waters, the mountain tops touching the cool calm never-ending sky, the multi-shaped clouds eyeing from high above, the greenery stretching over fields, the fragrance of wet soil, the countless stars forming a sky-sheet at night – all are part of this nature.

Everyone experiences the nature in one form or the other.

Life won’t be possible without the morning rays that warmly greet us every day and the air that stays with us always as a caring friend.

The calmness, order, flawlessness and vibrancies of nature serve as food for our souls – which, even in worst times, inspire us to see beyond what’s apparent and allow us to move on.

We unknowingly are benefitted from it, and we unwillingly become a threat to this great blessing.

The destruction of this wonder can lead to our end!
Now it is for us to decide what to choose – life or death!

For our life, we need to nurture the nature, we need to conserve it and help it grow.

We don’t realise, we are becoming the killers, the murderers – murderers of the flora and the fauna.
These are the unacceptable actions, and probably which we would never want to perform.
We are committing suicide by letting this precious gift slip through our fingers.But there still is hope, there still is light!
Nature still brightens our lives.

Mother Nature can continue to do so if we offer it a helping hand and assist it so it may sustain and flourish.

Life is Nature and Nature is Life –Nurture it, don’t destroy it



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