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Nobody, NICE- Let’s Start Another Meme Trend

Nobody, NICE- Let’s Start Another Meme Trend


The NUST School of Civil Engineering, known for their spontaneity, their brotherhood and more recently their unparalleled meme culture.

Be it the way they battled against UET won a meme-war that occurred early in 2019, NICE was at the forefront of the NUST Defenses and we here at PaperCrush can safely say that they defended us well!

In case you missed this clash, here are some of the highlights of the battle:

It started off with something as small as this

But little did UET Memes (The Meme Page responsible for this) know, NUST has its own line of defense for this 5th Generation of Warfare. Being the Highest Ranked University of Pakistan, we do possess some expertise in the realm of ‘Memes’.

Both sides went against each-other with full strength and let’s just say that UET couldn’t respond well. Symbolized well by the following two Photos:

As Mr. Usama, one of the Generals In this war, had politely inquired.

Now Moving Onwards to the Meme Culture of NICE,

As of 16th March 2019 the Social Media of Everyone has been flooded by various ‘Literally no one / Nobody’ Memes, that have taken the whole of NICE by storm.


Even if this isn’t relatable, it definitely is something that can make you laugh.

Some were more Inside-Jokes than normal ones but nevertheless still made us chuckle

Same Maaz, Same.

Started by the Sophomore Batch, Even the seniors and freshmen had taken steps into being a part of this!



No one is certain as to who was the culprit behind this, but rest assured, It certainly was extremely hilarious and we have to credit the people of NICE for making our dull weekend into a super exciting one!

Well Done NICE 2k17, Well Done.



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