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NMC Starts Year With a Bang!

NMC Starts Year With a Bang!

Balloons, Prizes, Games and Food. Whatever comes to your mind when you think of the word ‘FUN’, this day had it.

Today, on 25th September 2018, NUST Media Club decided to wrap up their recruitment drive with a Bang! Already boasting 600+ Applicants over the course of a single week, NMC attempted to take things up a notch by making sure the final 24 hours of the recruitment drive count.

12:45 PM: The wind is blowing. The sun is out, and underneath the C1 Canopy facing SADA, you’ll spot Team Marketing, Team Décor and the office bearers of the society as they unpack and arrange everything for the upcoming extravaganza.

1:00 PM: Everything is looking good, and all the teams have arrived, from Creativity to HR, to Logistics and Publications, all the Directors and Deputies of the Executive Council can be noticed as they do their part.

The Decorations included Origami Birds, and Origami Disks, perfectly folded and hung on the walls. Alongside these, you’d notice white and blue balloons set up in pairs and stuck on the columns of the canopy. There was also one notable feature that clearly stood out from everything else; NMC Set up an Instagram Photo Frame, which doubled as a small photo booth for everyone to come and get their picture taken in.

Once everything was arranged and assembled, NMC was ready to welcome the oncoming mass of spectators.

An influx of students could be seen inside the Canopy where they’d be taking part in the multiple games organized by NUST Media Club.

Now, let us move on to the Games organized by the Society. Taking Inspiration from the hit TV Show ‘Minute to Win It’, Team Creativity set up three different games for everyone to come and try their luck with.

Small containers, Vaseline gel and pieces of cotton: the first game revolved around the participant having to rub petroleum jelly on their nose and then dipping it in small open containers having cotton inside them. After this, the participant has to shake his head aggressively to remove all traces of cotton from his face within the given 60 Seconds. This made for a pretty entertaining task for the participants themselves and for the observers who couldn’t stop their giggles after looking at different people shaking their heads vividly with the aim of trying to win the game.

Moving on to the second desk, molded after the ‘Puddle Jumper’ in ‘Minute to Win it’, the participant had to blow a ping pong ball from one cup to another, the cups were filled with water and as one moved onwards in the sequence of cups the water-level gradually decreased. The winners were even encouraged to go the Instagram-Frame behind the desk and get their photos taken.

The last game of the Day also revolved around how strong your lungs were, this is where all your Yoga classes would have paid off! The Objective for the participants here was to breathe, and breathe well. They were given a straw and while using it, they had a minute to inhale and transfer as many M&M’s as they could, with all the strength they could muster, and drop the chocolate disks into the plastic cups on the table. The participant who could drop them all, or even a significant amount was blessed with the same prizes that were given in the previous two games.

The winners were given juice boxes or pizza depending on how good their performances were.

“It was an enjoyable and fair event. The food and prizes were nice”, commented participant, Farhan Rafique, “I really enjoyed it and loved the Instagram frame; it was very cool.”

Dozens of students came to try their luck and could be seen leaving the venue with a smile, or with their prizes, or both. So many more people came and registered for the society after being impressed by the event, it actually turned the normally isolated bottom of the canopy into a very crowded place.

“Such an event was the first in the history of NUST Media Club,” said Mohemin Mehmood, General Secretary of NMC, “We got an additional 60 applicants, and people got a favorable impression of the society.”

This set the tone for a remarkable year ahead, I guess we can see that NMC is indeed #BackToConquer.


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