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NMC Photo Hunt ‘17: The Campus through Cameras

NMC Photo Hunt ‘17: The Campus through Cameras

Winner took all his photos from a Smartphone

*title image: Most liked from Day 5 by Muhammad Saad Khan

From rushing to find the venue in time, to brainstorming on how to capture the theme in the most eye-catching manner possible, NUST Media Club had photography enthusiasts from around the university think on their feet and get their creative juices flowing as they competed against each other in the NMC Photo Hunt last week.

Held from 20th to 24th November, the Photo Hunt comprised of a theme and venue, based on which the participants would have to capture and submit their photographs before 6 p.m. each day. As soon as one day’s photos were uploaded, the theme and venue for the next day would be announced, and the hunt would continue.

Honorary Mention: by Abdullah Mudassir

NMC Photo Hunt started off with a simple theme of “fall” with the venue being the participants’ own departments. The next day’s challenge was easy too; the theme was “food”, and the venue, Concordia. Things started getting interesting after Day 2 when the photographers were asked to capture photographs depicting “nature” at NUST Lake, “sports” at the sports grounds, and then finally “nature” again, but this time on the NUST Hiking Trail near gate 10. The themes and venues were cleverly chosen to give everyone the opportunity to explore different parts of NUST over the course of the week.

The photos were uploaded on NUST Media Club’s Facebook page, where the participants had to ensure maximum likes on each of their entries, to increase their chances of winning the grand cash prize of Rs. 5000. In doing so, the Photo Hunt managed to get everyone involved in trying to make their favorite photographer win.

Honorary Mention: Abdullah Mudassir

After a week full of some very fine photography across the campus, NMC finally announced its winner for the Photo Hunt last night, Muhammad Hamza Khan, who had managed to get a staggering amount of (almost 1300, at the time of writing) cumulative Facebook likes on his submissions. 4 of his 5 photos were received highest likes on their respective days. Speaking to PaperCrush later on, the winner expressed utmost delight on being victorious. “I am out of words. NMC gave me a platform and gave me a chance to know that I have skills and can do better”. He added that he had taken photos from his cellphone, and that his friends and seniors really helped him.

Here are all of the winner’s entries.

Most liked photo from Day 1


Most liked on day 2


Most liked from day 3


Most liked photo from Day 4


From Day 5



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