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NLC holds an Illustrious Session with Amjad Islam Amjad at NUST

Under excited eyes, the NUST Literary Circle fixed what could have been an otherwise boring Tuesday by kicking off an interactive session with renowned Pakistani poet, Amjad Islam Amjad. Held at the NIT Seminar Hall on the 19th of March between 2 to 5 pm, “Aik Shaam Amjad Islam Amjad Kay Naam” was a refreshing evening that was completely worthy of attending! NUST Literary Circle stated that their desire was to encourage the exploration of Urdu literature by the youth in particular, and one could argue that Amjad Islam Amjad was a wonderful pick for this session, given that his acclaimed work has always been a treat for the beholder, be it a newbie or a seasoned reader.

For those out of the loop, Amjad Islam Amjad is a Pakistani poet, drama writer and lyricist whose contributions of Urdu literary works have helped conferred upon him multiple awards, including the Pride of Performance and the Sitaara-e-Imtiaz, both being utmost symbols of national pride. This star struck portfolio therefore attracted students in large numbers to attend the event, where some even belonging from outside the NUST campus. What warmed some of the audiences’ hearts even more was the irresistible offer of tea on the house by ITC Islamabad Tea Company — thus needless to say that the spirits amongst the audience were appropriately high.

The session featured much of what you would expect but in Amjad Islam Amjad’s fashion. He started off with the main course: a thought-provoking question and answer discussion. The audience asked a few stimulating questions that were amiably welcomed by him. One of the audience members had asked him about the relationship between art and science; why is that it seems like the “people of art” tend to negate the “people of science”, and vice versa? Others then built on that question, enquiring on further on topics such as the validity of any relationship when the two fields are just so different, and the ethical environments around the creation of art for money as opposed to, well, art. Being the man he was, a summary of his answers cannot be done justice in this article, but we can say that he touched upon various concepts, including the idea that both fields strengthen each other in many ways.

The session didn’t end just there; he also enlightened the crowd by reading some of his poems, including Ussay Bhool Ja, a stirring narration which the audience won’t be able to forget. One could feel the admiration that poured from the audience. Ilyas, a freshman from NICE who attended the evening said: “[It was a] wonderful experience and an honor to be with one of the most renowned poets of Pakistan”. Truly, that could reasonably not be doubted.

The event ended on a heartfelt note with Mr. Amjad thanking the audience, NUST, and the NUST Literary Circle for inviting him to this event hosted in his honor. It was clear that the crowd was also won over by his presence and this whole affair reflected the fact that not only is there still a great appetite for Urdu Literary works, but also that people would look forward to attending the likes of this event in the future as well. And of course as the timeless tradition goes, it is always a good idea to have a cup of tea to make listening to such great stories all the more fun!



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