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NIMUN Brand Launch

NIMUN Brand Launch

NUST International Model United Nations or NIMUN, one the biggest social events, hosted its brand launch on the 14th of November 2018 in the NUST Business School Seminar Hall.

NIMUN is a Model United Conference aimed at promoting debating, human rights and working for the Ideals on which the UN Stands.

As the Organizing Committee Members of NIMUN piled into the Seminar Hall, they were greeted to the décor work, the lighting coupled with the arrangements made for something spectacular. The highlight of the work of the Decor team was how ‘NIMUN 19’ had been constructed by huge letters and put right next to the entrance of the Hall, this was a notable attraction as almost everyone stopped to post it on their Instagram and SnapChat stories.

The MOCs for the evening were Taha Goheer and Ramsha Bukhari, the Directors of Publications. They kicked things off with a welcome address followed by a NIMUN flashback video, showing us glimpses of the previous versions of the event. This was followed by a brief walk-through of NIMUN and the significance it holds.

After this, came the arrival of the Chief Guest, Mr. Khalil Hashmi, Director General of the United Nations Division of MOFA and the Dean of NBS. After they were seated, the event resumed with the recitation of the Holy Quran and the National Anthem.

The brand launch took things up a notch by calling the Former President of NIMUN’18, Miss Sameen Nadeem, on stage to address the new council. This was followed by the NIMUN transfer of sword ceremony, which was made dramatic with the choice of music and the lighting in the hall that kept everyone hooked as the Ex-President gave the sword of NIMUN to The New President, Mr. Zakria Amir.

After being transferred the sword of NIMUN, Zakria took the stage and told everyone about his Ideas for NIMUN and how he plans to take it to even greater heights this year. He revealed the NIMUN’19 Slogan of ‘Embracing Differences’ and delved on the importance of why this was chosen.

Soon after, the much-awaited logo was revealed. The Vice-President of Media, Zaryab was called on stage shortly after to explain the concept of the logo and to share his words with the audience.

After the Executive Council had finished giving their speeches, Dr. Naukhez, The Dean of NBS came on stage followed by the Chief Guest Mr. Khalil. They addressed the crowd regarding the importance of the UN and shed some light on the matters which the UN has to take care of, further giving importance to this version of NIMUN and how it’s monumental for the growth of the current youth of our country.

An Entertainment session was initiated which included Videos and Bloopers from last year, a roasting video for the current executive council and the hilarious dance moves of Zain Shuja.

At the conclusion of the Entertainment Session, there was a Cake-Cutting Ceremony with both members of the current and former executive council of NIMUN joining together to officially commemorate the start of a new chapter in the History of NIMUN.

This was followed soon-after with Hi-Tea and a Media Promo Shoot in front of the NIMUN Brand-Wall where all of the various teams of NIMUN, ranging from Registrations to Graphics posed together for a photo as they marked the start of a new journey.

PaperCrush got a hold of Mr. Mobin Hunzai from Team Graphics. “I’ve been visiting SADA a lot for the past few months, and those guys are known for their décor. But here in this brand launch, I can safely say that the Décor here trumps it all,” he said.

Zain Shuja was approached soon after, and was asked about his dance-moves which were showcased in the entertainment session, upon which he exclaimed, “That was a cultural dance! Stop asking me about that, Jaffar!”

After every team had their photos taken, and had had their food, it was time to leave and steadily everyone made their way to the exits of NBS, things started gearing up for an exciting few months ahead that’ll ultimately lead to NIMUN’19.


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