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NDS Doodh Patti

NDS Doodh Patti

NUST Debating Society, one of the leading societies of NUST, known for their excellent huge events, recruiting debaters from all over the country, is not just famous for all this. One of the most interesting and appreciable characteristic about NDS is its ambiance. NDS members treat each other like family members; they are there for them in times of sorrow and happiness, not only restricted to the periphery of NUST, but outside of it too. There is absolutely no discrimination between the directors or the executives, or even the president, Maria Shuja.

Only recently, NDS held an event ‘Doodh Patti’ with the tagline Graduation Blues. It was held on Thursday, 3rd April, 2019 at 5p.m.  The venue was Margalla Café. The discussion started when Syedda Zonah, the Joint Scretary to President, introduced herself to the members and laid some ground rules, for example, a member is not to be interrupted while he/she is speaking. This was followed by Minahl Kharal’s (Joint Secretary to Press Secretary) wonderful piece of Urdu poetry on ishq and bewakoofi (love and stupidity) in which she quoted Iqba as well. The piece was original and exquisite, with every word enunciated gracefully.

The event continued with Zonnah asking the graduating members of the society about their experience in NUST and NDS, and if they had any words of advice for their juniors. The first speaker of this session was Maria Shuja, the president herself. She started by saying that she had changed a lot when she came to NUST. She learnt a lot about what self-love actually is. People believe that self-love is just that one has to love themselves. However, for that one first needs to be aware of themselves, the shortcomings, and the strongest suits. Only then can one truly learn to love themselves, despite the dark sides. Maria’s words were true to the core and very mind-opening.

The focus of the group then shifted to Fahad Ali Syed (NBS), the former president of NDS. He spoke of how students judge other fellow students on the basis of what they wear and speak, and their reputation according to other people. And when they arrive in the 3rd year is when they realize what a preposterous thing it is to judge people. So, he urged the members there to not be judgmental in life and to always look beyond people’s appearances only.

Mamoon Sabri NBS), one of the esteemed speakers of NDS, then spoke next. The funny thing was that he asked Fahad Ali Syed to time his speech because he believed he would continue speaking if he was not obliged to stop! His words were truly inspirational. He clarified the difference between being virtuous and being weak. He explained that if a person has the power to hurt you and still doesn’t out of a good heart, then that is what being virtuous is. However, if one doesn’t have the power to hurt someone, despite wanting to, that is weakness.

The final words of wisdom were given by Waleed Bin Khalid. According to him, the most important thing in life is discipline, and by the time one finishes their four years of university, discipline should be ingrained in their day-to-day life. Because when one gets into professional life, they are on their own. And to avoid problems in their balancing one’s work and personal affairs, while succeeding in both, one should always live with discipline.

Advices by our seniors were very appreciated and welcomed. There were more discussions and jokes about NUST and its hostel life, with the graduating students being carried away with the undeniable emotions of soon to be ending journey at NUST. Hence, overall, Doodh Patti was an evening spent remarkably well, with numerous memories engraved. Of all the best things about the event free chai was however, a treat itself to behold!


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