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NCSC Record Breaking Blood Donation Drive

NCSC Record Breaking Blood Donation Drive

So, which of the bounties of your lord will you deny?

It felt not so strange, even though I had anticipated it to be. Heck it almost felt if I was finally amounting myself for something noble and compassionate for the first time in very long and I could already feel proud. Beneath this sensation of doing something important, the feelings of compulsion gushed through me faster than the stygian blood that circulates daily through my arteries and veins, thick and scarlet , as I filled out the section of “Health history” for blood donation form knowing how privileged I am to be taking this opportunity of saving a life. Internally, I thanked NUST Community Service Club for granting to me this surreal chance of saving humanity and also for having such a smooth transition of the event that I only felt even more encouraged as I walked in to the blood camp even.

NCSC teamed up with Jamila Sultana Foundation to help out those who are suffering from Thalassemia. Jamila Sultana Foundation made sure that the process of donating blood to those afflicted by it​,​ is carried out in a safe and hygienic manner, and that all donors can return back in their best of health​. What’s more, if ever in need of it, NUSTians and their blood relatives are prioritized in receiving from the organization’s blood banks, a big chunk of which was collected from such drives. NCSC’s Introduction centers made increasing public awareness and positive perspectives towards blood donation their main priority and for which they had displayed the Jamila Sultana Foundation’s marketing campaign’s posters and brochures in Concordia 1 to attract even bigger crowds.

The most distinguished reason why students offered blood is their selflessness for a bigger cause and their youthful bravery leading the way. This desire for community service supported collection of 600+ pints of blood during the drive, resulting into setting of a new record by NUST Community Service Club. Few students who were not able to participate due to their health factors not being deemed as safe for donation, such as low Hemoglobin levels seemed to be quite despondent but then again it is the intention that counts and their awareness too helped propel others into donating. Seeing students appear with jubilant conviction about helping others and not giving much worries to how the days were swelling hot was surely a tremendously blissful sight to behold.

Most people felt completely fine after giving blood and helped themselves to the refreshing snacks that were on the house  by NCSC. Whew, as a blood donor would manage to successfully stand upright and dive into the munchy snacks, it would inspire a sigh of relief into every bystander who admired the donors’ strengths. On the last day, Pakistani News Channel also popped by and were beyond amazed to see the extent of students participation in NUST Community Services Club’s yet another stellar and successful event! So kudos to the NCSC host team and to ever hero of the drive!


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