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Montage of Memories NMC Yearbook 2018-19

Montage of Memories   NMC Yearbook 2018-19


President NMC

The walls of NUST bear some of the most valuable chunks of my life, and are loaded with the best recollections there could ever be.

I want to take this opportunity to applaud and marvel at individuals who consistently revive our grounds with their exhibitions and inventive work. It’s astounding to see the ability that is projected among our graduated class, our workforce, and staff.

That is the power of this institution – not its image, not its structures, not its grandeur – as spectacular as it seems to be. NUST Media Club is this institution’s kin in its yearnings and accomplishments; its assorted variety of foundation, experience and thought; its longing to see past itself; and its commitment to serving others.

I am an optimist. I’m disposed to look on the bright side since I’ve lived and worked with every one of you; I see what you do, and in light of the fact that I know the unfathomable capability of what you can do. May we look to each other for motivation in the years to come. May the desires put upon us be surpassed uniquely by our capacity to meet them. May NUST keep on being a wellspring of hope for the world. It’s been an honor to serve as your President, NMC.

Congratulations to the newest alumni!


Sikander e Azam

President NMC 2019


Vice President NMC

College is broadly a period of self-disclosure. At NMC, we support and develop that self-disclosure in manners that respect our open mission: to join the surge of this present reality for the better, outside the academic circle.

From my first interaction with a group of associates in NUST Media Club 2017, to this day, seldom a week passes by without an incredible exhibit of how competent the Media Club family has been: enthusiastic about thoughts, and profoundly drawn in with their surroundings. As of this year, the office bearers and the entire council manifested an appetite for learning, unconstrained by disciplinary limits, or by age, alongside a profound deference for the faculty who ingrained and sustained their enthusiasm.

Having served the club for three consecutive years, I can proudly claim to say such is the intensity of the NMC-experience; that puzzling speculative chemistry by which people are assembled from great distances abroad, to a little working space where they are changed and stimulated through their communication with one another and with the workforce and staff who are committed to their learning, and afterward fan out over the globe to do great work.

NUST Media Club dedicated this year to support experiences that balance and light up with one’s own. I wish the batch of 2015 the very best in all that they plan to undertake in their lives outside of NUST. May you continue to soar higher!


Amenah Shahid

Vice President

NUST Media Club 2019.



Note by Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Hammad Mushtaq

This yearbook is a chest of treasure for all those who wish to cherish the memories of the time they spent at the amazing place called NUST. Life at NUST is exciting in many ways: study, friendship, grades, parties, trips, sports, Concordia-gatherings and whatnot – the list is endless, the memories are beyond count.

The last semester always is much more exciting than the rest of the time.  There are strange feelings that set in – feelings of loss and gain, pain and pleasure, accomplishment and disappointment go hand-in-hand as the students are not only on the verge of completing their long-awaited degrees, but are also heading toward the moment when they say farewell to all their friends and to the lovely environment that they were so familiar with. Their faces glow with the light of success, while a part of their heart groans out of impending nostalgia of all those beautiful memories they collect during their stay at the university.

Being a faculty sponsor for a club, and a teacher, becomes very hard towards the end of each term. The group of students you work with as a faculty sponsor, the classes you teach as a teacher will never be the same again. It is a strange feeling that words cannot explain. It is like letting go a piece of your heart every year. But this is how things work at a university. New generations of students come, make their impression, fill their treasure chests of memories, and leave. The teachers have to stay back, to welcome and nourish another generation of students.

Making of the yearbook was not an easy task. Office Bearers of NUST Media Club worked very hard and sacrificed a lot of their valuable time and energies to create this wonderful chest of memories. I appreciate the efforts made by Mohemin, Sikander, Faizan, Amenah, and all the valued team members who made splendid efforts to create the yearbook you now have before you.

In the end, I would like to wish good luck to all the outgoing students of NUST. May you all have a bright, prosperous and fulfilling future. I would also welcome the incoming students, and expect them to learn from the experience of their predecessors in order to achieve greater success.

President NEC

NUST has been nothing short of home for me for the past four years. I came here – new kid in a new city – not knowing a single soul on a colossal campus. Today, I leave with a legacy of friendships, achievements, lessons, the highest highs and the lowest lows, and most importantly, a journey of immense personal growth.

During this journey, NEC has been an integral part of my self discovery, truly helping me solidify myself within NUST. Having served this club for three years, and being entrusted with great responsibilities along the way, I am forever indebted to my seniors and mentors who made me part of such a special family. Moreover, presiding NEC also brought the herculean responsibility of presiding Central Orientation of NUST this year, and it was a complete whirlwind of emotions, successes and life-long lessons. I am hopeful that NEC will continue on its path to instil entrepreneurial spirit within the students, and support NUST’s student body in actualising their passions into successful careers.


Amina Eman Shorish,

President NUST Entrepreneurs’ Club

President Orientation of NUST 2019




Another Year Down and Dusted!

Looking back at the academic year 2018-2019, one cannot help but be baffled by how time flies! It only seems like a few weeks ago when we were welcoming the Class of 2022 into the NUST family, and now we’re here saying goodbye to our beloved seniors, the Class of 2019, as they spend their final days at NUST, before they step outside these campus walls, and embark on the journey to make this world a better place.

With that being said, the 2019-edition of the NMC Yearbook aims to highlight the subtle details that one can look back on and smile, recalling all the good memories made here during the past year, and at NUST in general. We hope this compilation serves as a moment frozen in time, which you can come back to – time and again – to relive the days as a student at NUST once more.

We would like to thank everyone who made this project possible, with special thanks to NUST Entrepreneurs Club, and of course, the members of the NMC family who managed to compile all that you’ll see before you – with a great eye for detail.

We hope this yearbook has something special for everyone who reads it, and we wish the Class of 2019 all the best for its future endeavours.


Alizah Gul Memon

Chief Editor NUST Yearbook 2018-19


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