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Minutes to Mayhem: Doomsday Clock Reaches 2 Minutes to Midnight

Minutes to Mayhem: Doomsday Clock Reaches 2 Minutes to Midnight

Unless one were living under a rock, any person would feel that the world is much more unstable and edging towards war since last year, with the rise of global warming and world leaders shouting out threats of war to each other (we’re looking at you, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un).

But the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BAS) undertook an action that served to remind us how close the entire planet is from becoming a war zone. For on January 25, they moved the minute hand of the Doomsday Clock two minutes to midnight. Their reasoning: the world is closer than it ever was to starting a war, or more specifically, a nuclear war, mainly by the United States and North Korea.

For the uninitiated, the Doomsday Clock is a metaphorical clock with which the BAS displays how close the world is to annihilating itself with nuclear weapons, climate change, terrorism and anything else that endangers mankind. Anytime this group feels that current affairs is edging towards the nukes, this group will then place the minute hand of the clock towards midnight and vice versa.

North Korea has been upping their nuclear warheads since last year, with how their ballistic missiles flew directly across Japan and its leader trying to get the world to acknowledge the country as a nuclear power. But it was the election of Donald Trump as POTUS that had increased tensions worldwide: the President has been threatening North Korea with war if the latter does not cease its ambitions. He has also decided to back out of the Iran Deal that would have eased tensions between the US and Iran. Even worse, Russia has renewed its interest in nuclear arms as well.

The last time the clock neared midnight was in 1953, during the Cold War when the United States and Russia (then USSR) were having a nuclear arms race, with either side trying to outdo the other by creating nuclear and thermonuclear weapons. The same clock was in this position during the Cuban Missile Crisis, where both of these countries were inches away from a “hot” war (pun intended). Since then, the minute hand would change its position away or near midnight, depending on the situation.

But now the Bulletin made it crystal clear that the Nuclear Armageddon is nigh. And the world will never be the same again.


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