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Mansoor Ahmed passes away

Mansoor Ahmed passes away

The legendary hockey Goal keeper and captain, Mansour Ahmed passed way in Karachi due to heart failure. He was suffering from heart ailment which had worsened over the last three months and was admitted to City Hospital Karachi. The renowned heart surgeon, Dr. Komarakshi Balakrishnan had looked at Ahmed’s case and had ensured him that his transplant could be possible immediately once he came to Chennai.

Ahmed asked the Indian government allow him to go India but unfortunately that didn’t work out for him as he couldn’t travel according to the doctors. According to senior surgeons delay in Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) implant led to the deterioration of the situation. After negligence by the authorities Shahid Afridi came infront to bear all the expenses for the treatment but it was too late. Shahid Afridi was quoted on the funeral saying: I and my foundation tried our best but it didn’t help.

Ahmed served Pakistan hockey from 1986-2000, representing Pakistan in almost 338 international matches. Ahmed served Pakistan for a long time and his agility as a goal keeper was amazing. He was the goal keeper of the 1994 World Cup winning team. Ahmed also won gold in the 1990 Asian games for Pakistan. He also contributed massively towards the hockey of Pakistan, working with the new talent at the hockey academy. PHF (Pakistan Hockey Federation)’s secretary, Shahbaz Ahmed applauded the contribution of Ahmed to the national sport as a player and a mentor.

Recently, Pakistan Sport Board (PSB) has approved stadium to be built in the memory of the late Olympian. Apart from the stadium the executive committee has promised to give Rs. 1 million rupees to the family for assistance. The committee is even trying to ensure that all Pakistani athletes get the health insurance so that they can receive the treatment of their ailments on time.




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