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Malhi Vs Mashhood; fight for vice presidency intensifies

Malhi Vs Mashhood; fight for vice presidency intensifies

Students in NBS will go to the poling booths this Tuesday. The candidates are contesting for three posts (President, Vice president and senior executive) of three societies (Events Management, Adventure Club and Community Services Club).


The candidate’s campaign kick started last week, the supporters of the contestants have been seen pining posters on notice boards and reaching out to the voters convincing and urging them to vote for their candidate.

The most anticipated neck to neck fight is being predicted between Chaudhry Haris Malhi of ACF 2k14 and Mashhood Ahmad Warriach of BBA 2k14.

PaperCrush asked both candidates about their views and plans of their administration.


  1. How important are Elections for NBS?

Malhi: They’re really important because the student council represents the student, and the people who win these elections are accountable for their work throughout the year.

Mashhood: They are extremely important. I’ve always wanted to do something for my school, I am getting that opportunity by contesting for one of the most important societies in NBS.


  1. Why are you the best choice for Vice President of Event Management?

Malhi: I think I am the best choice because my experience in event management speaks for itself . I have been involved in numerous events throughout NUST thus I have a lot of experience in dealing with the university administration. I’m also well known in the NBS administration which gives me great amount of edge.

Mashhood: Well, I don’t think I should be the one answering this question, you can go around and ask the students.

They know why I should be the VP, It’s not that I’m the best choice, my competitor is an extraordinary person as well but the ideas and plans that I have are something out of this world, its something only I can implement not because I’m a super human but because they’re my brain child, who better to implement them to the smallest of detail.


  1. What will you do for NBS?

Malhi:I’m very confident and highly motivated to work for my school, I have a lot of ideas for different events and I plan on executing them.

Mashhood:I’m not a man who promises big, what I can say is that I will make sure that I do my best to put forward the image of NBS as a professional institute with distinctive events, something to which all the student of NUST will looks forward to. I want to portray NBS in the light that it deserves-I want to make NBS great again.

Edited by: Hassan Abbas


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