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Life’s a Breeze

Life’s a Breeze

When you read the title, all assumptions you might have about the content of this written piece may be completely wrong. Our lives are a collection of memories, struggles, hopes and aspirations; but we don’t often think of our lives in this aspect.

With passing time, we start to see our lives as a struggle or dread, and often wonder if we’d ever be able to do something in this time that makes all these struggles worth the while. But, the insanity of this entire situation is why we fail to see ourselves as a breeze. All of us are merely this flow of air trying to find direction, trying to find a way to reach a destination. However, the destination is not always known.

The uniqueness of individuals can also be seen through this breeze – sometimes hot like the anger, sadness, or power we experience, but rather chilly when our happiness or excitement knows no bounds. However, there’s one thing we must pay attention to, it’s the fact that the breeze always keeps moving. It moves with trees, mountains and buildings in its way, and it never ever stops; but when it does, it’s simply because the breeze has now turned into something else. This indicates how we should always be moving as human beings, never feeling intimidated by obstacles in the way and finding no excuse to stop our grind.

The only halt that this breeze of ours should find is the end of our time on this earth. Until this halt finds a way to catch us in our wave of life, I hope we find a way to enjoy this breeze; embracing the good and the bad it brings, cherishing every moment of it. Because once the breeze stops, there is no coming back from it, so until then, all I can say with belief is that “Life’s a breeze”, no matter how you’d like to look at it.



About The Author

Manahil Akhlaq

I think the most interesting thing about humans is how simple these interesting things can be. Similarly I'm in love with the color blue and I can be bribed with Ice-cream anytime. I believe words have the power to express anything and that's what draws me towards writing!