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Lessons from watching a Bird

Lessons from watching a Bird

Sometimes the simplest of things can set your mind into motion. The same happened to me
while looking at a cute little new born Australian baby bird who was just set free by the parent
birds to get the first glimpse of the world outside the nest. I saw that he was afraid and he was
shivering from everything around him.
He was not eating anything or drinking nor were his parents helping him to eat or drink. And
some of his fellows were actually hitting him hard on his head. The cute little bird was nothing
but afraid. It was a strange sight! But when all his fellows were gone after eating food, he took a
little step and tried to approach the bowl. But it was heighted and he wasn’t able to reach the
brim. So he did what he could, he picked the food that was thrown away by other parrots while
eating, and ate it.
After that he again went to the corner so that no one could see him. But then again some bird
came and started hitting him. This made the little bird strive to get rid of him and in the
process, he tried to fly. But wasn’t able to do it properly, only managing short jumps.
A few days later I saw that he was flying pretty easily and was not afraid anymore. After
observing this whole process I realized that even the bird’s life are very similar to humans,
except for the fact that our parents support us till the end. We have to leave home in order to
be accepted in the society. And we encounter hurdles thrown away at us one by one and
sometimes all together. Everyone encounters different kind of problems. In the beginning, we
are afraid but we are left alone in this world so that we can move on. At one point we don’t
even know how to get food to eat.

Starting from the lowest point, like a bird we have to observe others then try. And if we fail we
shouldn’t give up. Sometimes we have to eat the food provided by others, sometimes hit by
others like the bird. But remember that the hindrance actually made him fly, and hurdles are
the real test for us too. The human brain shows its potential when it is put into hot waters.
What we have to do is be persistent, do not fear anything other than God, and be patient!! Only
then anyone will we be able to move on in life.


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