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Joy Turns to Regret

Joy Turns to Regret

Joy turns to Regret

When gift turns to Test

Isn’t it time for the Tears to come to a Rest?

It has been made easy for the heart to hold on to what kills it

And what gives it Life,

It eventually forgets

Why does the past cling to the present

And refuses to be the ‘past’

Suddenly, Like a burning arrow

It pierces through the Heart.

The hand grabs the chest

as the heart is now on Fire…

”Harmless is my path”,

Satan indeed was a Liar.

Why am I going blind to ‘hope’?

It must be the smoke of this inner Flame…

All I ask for is ‘Comfort’

Not beauty, money, or Fame…

What today is a sickness was yesterday a sweetness…

I see fire as gold,

Such is the desperate heart’s weakness.

The world Looks like a friend but acts like a snake

and I refuse to pay heed.

Its Venom is such that it becomes a struggle to breathe

Let me beg for Healing

For I have lost my smile…

Is a suffocating Heart any less of a Trial?

Blame not a man if his tongue gives up and his walk gets slow…

For Inside his own chest,

resides a merciless foe.

I believed my sickness is weak and my cure is strong

Then why do I still suffer… Clearly I was wrong…

These laughs have become a show

Now all I do is ‘pretend’…

Hoping for it to convince the heart,

“These flames are not the End.”

How can they be?

Never has Allah allowed any damage to be permanent

If the clouds are dark

Then near is the rain

Water will fall as a mercy

And you will be free of this pain

The Lord of Fire is also The Lord of Breeze.

With a beautiful patience… wait for comfort …

“For Indeed, with Hardship. There is Ease.”

And “Indeed, with Hardship. There is Ease.”


About The Author

Muhammad Jawad Rana

I am Jawad, born and raised in the city of Okara. I am currently studying Environmental Engineering, other than studying myself. Among the things I love, is writing, night, fragrances, prayer, coffee, philosophy and friends.