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If It Was For You to Decide

If It Was For You to Decide

We’re all just scattered thoughts on a platter. Wishing to get touched, to feel loved, until we all move to an abyss even lonelier than this. Go out, or stay in. Enjoy life for what it is, for it could be, not yours, in a moment that’s too quick to have been just a second. So that when it is time for you to cross and leave, what’s left of what you own in a world that was never ever yours, you feel like at least you belonged. To a person, and if not that, maybe even just to your own self would suffice.

And to those who are unlucky, for to live a full life is not what fate has planned for them, what are they to do?
To try and look
or to ease into the lonely of life and
the death that awaits?

Though are they even the ones considered unfortunate, for when the time comes and their essence is slowly torn away from the shell that is only weak enough to be mortal, would you even have the courage to walk away from them? “They” who have loved you.

And if not, how would you stay?
How would you hold on to the image of how much you mean to them? You can’t, for that is what the cruelty of life is all about.

So would you have loved and given them the pain to have seen you slowly slip away, as you lose the ability to pump what’s around you in your lifeless body? Or would you rather slip away slowly on your own?
At least knowing it was not you, neither your essence, that were behind the tears of anyone standing next to you.
And maybe, the hours spent without the company of anyone else meaningful, help with the journey that is yet to come. For that travel is to be done by you, and you alone.

So tell me, once again.

Would you rather have loved for the couple of blinks that you have here to be left alone,
or would you rather leave without being the source of pain for someone that’s bound to follow you in a time of their own?


About The Author

Huzaifah Usmani

Curly hair, harry potterish glasses and kind of poetic.