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“How to humor yourself on campus during classes”

When you’re in NUST, the day usually kicks off with back-to-back lectures, accompanied by a lot of workload in the form of quizzes, assignments, projects, and whatnot. This is the day-to-day life of every other student on campus. It doesn’t matter if you’re on your time off, chilling with your friends and enjoying a sunny, breezy wind or crooning to your favorite jam, somewhere in your head there exists a constant knock of academic burden that you cannot shake off. Eventually, however, you do learn to live with it. Every student here knows the importance that academic success holds, and they strive to be the very best they can be with the time and resources they have available. It’s a race we’re all implicitly a part of. With all of that being said, the importance of short, mindful breaks cannot be overstated. The role of temporarily taking your mind off the worries of academia is pivotal to your long-term personal and professional growth. A balance needs to be struck between curricular and extracurricular activities.

NUSTians are blessed to have a campus life that offers so many ways in which a student can humor themselves on campus during classes. Have an hour or so to kill? Take a walk around the scenic campus. While you’re at it, head on over to C1 and you just might find yourself in the middle of an impromptu jamming session. In the mood to enjoy a game or two of basketball or football, be it playing or enjoying an ongoing match? The green benches at NBS Ground are your best friends. Maybe pull out your cards and have a game or two of Bluff with your friends, or random people, for that matter. In the mood for some bowling? Take a stroll to the sports complex and knock down some pins. Don’t feel like walking? Grab yourself a bicycle or go scooty racing with your friends. And of course, nothing beats just laying around and chit-chatting with your favorite people, watching the clouds go by.

How can we forget the eating part? After a hectic routine, tea is a rescue for so many of us. Roll parathas, shawarmas, French fries, and pizza from Margalla Café are all-time favorites as well. The Biryani at C4 is also one of NUST’s hidden gems. The newly revamped Dreamville has become a popular spot as well for its location, ambiance, and menu.

There are lots of pastime activities on campus, and there’s a lot of fun to be had with your friends, but learning to enjoy your own company is just as essential to getting through university life. This, of course, should not take away from the importance of finding good friends. This entails choosing the right company and surrounding yourself with people who not only acknowledge your presence but allow you to become the best version of yourself. It is essential to keep yourself away from negativity and reflect more on positivity.

Hobbies are another essential element that any student must integrate into their daily routine. They are an escape. They help you disconnect from mundane academic rituals and are a great way of taking a breather while being productive.

NUST offers a diverse range of options that one can choose from in order to spend their free time. What you end up doing with your free slots depends on your interests and priorities. Whatever it is, the idea must be to build a happy place for yourself because these little activities and times make up memories that make the 4 years of your university life worthwhile.


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