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Glittering Skies and the Art of Peeling Potatoes

Glittering Skies and the Art of Peeling Potatoes

When life gives you lemons, you ought to make lemonade out of them. But what if it gave you potatoes to peel instead? While lemonade may temporarily cool your mind, peeling the potatoes may prove to be more therapeutic. Having a good peeler and the perfect technique will enhance the enthusiasm, and accelerate the healing process.

Just imagine a hard-brown lump with yellow pulp inside. You delayer it piece-by-piece, with the smooth sound of sliding the peeler, top to bottom. The juice may leak upon your hands, but then it refreshes your skin, soothing your scars. Every fallen piece of brown waste seems like one less thing to worry about, and the bumps in the pulp may require more skill and patience to deal with, but what awaits ahead is pure bliss and definitely worth it. After repetitive strikes, alas! You hit home run: the yellow lump in your hand; the destination you aimed for. You are an artist if you know the art of peeling potatoes.

By now you may wonder where the glittering skies fit in the complete context. To be honest, they just refer to the sweet memories people associate with the intimidating night lights – the constellations. Have you ever seen the night sky lights merging with man-made lights? A heavenly combination it is! Looking at each one of the lights separately will not have the same effect as the whole. Some lights feel closer to you while others may seem distant. Some shine brighter than others, while others are content with being dim. It all depends upon the perspective and the musk clouding our perception, and once they both clear away, you will be able to see; see even beyond them. 

All these facts yet still, they are collectively sharing their property of guiding the way for you. It can be literal or spiritual. You can associate with them on various levels with every passing fragment of time. Whether it be past, present or future, these lights will continuously fascinate you – making you feel ecstatic.

You live in a world where one faces worries and hardships. You get sad, or worse, depressed. You become hopeless, and feel the happiness being sucked out of each breath. This is a sad truth. But as long as you have strong emotions like these, you can feel the small moments of bliss and have a purpose of living.

These moments are what keep you going; they are what make life worthwhile, like the way an innocent child’s smile may stir your heart, the way a loved one’s hug may cure your stress, the way eating a spiced up burger may cheer up your stomach or a cold ice cream may give you a brain freeze, the way a light breeze may run shivers down your spine, the way cleaning your room may bring peace to your mind, the way completing a small task at hand may bring serenity to your spirits, the way the glittering skies may bring silent tranquility to your soul, or the way you peel potatoes may heal your inner self…


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Ayesha Noor Arshad

To calm the whirls inside of me My words pave their way to paper In patterns and rhythm and rhyme And stare at me and you with eyes So dive in them to your desire To see within the watery depths