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Froods X Papercrush

Froods X Papercrush

In this ever-changing world, the tendency to develop a sense of becoming less mindful of our negative habits.

One of these habits is to waste food unthoughtfully, which is unfortunately common these days. People waste food everywhere, whether they attend or conduct wedding ceremonies or in restaurants or just in their daily work or school routine.

As we ignorantly waste food, we often forget that there are so many in the world who do not have access to food that not everyone has the privilege to eat what their heart desires. With this privilege comes the responsibility to prevent the wastage of food wherever it is possible.

The idea to prevent the excessive wastage of food and to help those who cannot afford meals, has been brought up into reality by Froods.

Froods is an initiative of 12 students currently studying at the National University of Science and Technology. The idea was to create a platform that connects the people who have an excess of food or can donate food to those in need. It emerged over a summer internship, and work began in August 2019.

Froods primarily focuses on monetary and food donations from caterers, marquees, banquet halls, and related places. The excess, freshly cooked food is distributed as donations among larger groups of people, creating automatically a pathway for more people to get access to food.

As time has progressed from 2019, Froods has carried out food availability surveys for daily wagers in the twin cities and has completed a commendable amount of work with nine food distributions. These also include two food distributions in collaboration with Services International Trust that has collectively targeted more than 500 beneficiaries.

Froods has not only taken the responsibility to prevent food wastage but has also paved its way to becoming a nationwide example of sustainable community service.

The application development team is designing the prototype of the application and developing the interface. It is to integrate the purpose of Froods by using the technology to expand the reach to individuals, NPOs, and donor restaurants residing in the twin cities.

Everyone contributes their respective roles towards this noble act by showing a willingness to volunteer or donating as much as they can. Froods is an excellent example of youth coming together to provide and strive for sustainable community services, every day impacting even wider audiences through the initiative of this admirable feat.

Note: The images were captured before the onset of COVID-19.

Writers: Eeman Adeel and Arham Bukhari


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