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For 144 Martyr

For 144 Martyr

In roughly 141 words, this is what I feel today,

To those who fell

To those who lost,

I am sorry,

I am sorry that in this world,

This assortment of chess boards,

There are the players and the kings

There are the rooks and the bishops

There are the knights and the pawns

In these chess boards,

They overlook

The unsuspecting

The innocent

The small

To the Mother

To the Father

I am sorry,

For the empty bed

That instead

There is a grave,

Do flowers grow out of it now?

To the Brother

To the Sister

I am sorry,

For the books you carry every day

And the green that you put on

Was not enough to shield you

Or them

“The pen is mightier than the sword?”

And finally,

To us

Who weep, who mourn.

For 141

Fight against indifference

Fight against apathy

Fight against ignorance

Or one day,

We might start losing more

We might start losing count.


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