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Fallen for My Own Demons

I see nothing but the dark shadows of everyone who’s left me behind.

My eyes remain wide open

Searching for something to hold on to

The laughter of a child

Or the newly blossomed rose

Or the sunset, the sunrise, the twilight

Perhaps a little glimpse of hope?

But all I see is a dark abyss

The darkness creeps inside of me

Expanding itself from the very core

To the already scarcely brighter parts of myself

I feel like a little fish lost in the dark sea

With numerous sharks and other dark creatures roaming near me

All wanting to hurt me, to eat me.

I shake, wither, tremble, shiver

I cry, scream, shriek, screech

I give my fins a ferocious thrust

In the hopes of escaping the darkness

But all goes in vain

I try again and again and again

But in the end

The darkness consumes me

Only for me to realize

That I have fallen

Fallen again.

To the dark world

To the dark creatures

To everything I ever feared

But most of all

I have fallen again

To my very own demons.



About The Author

Hamda Shafiq

Social, friendly, extrovert. Loves to talk about deep shit. Personal therapist of many, so you know where to come when you need to talk. Very understanding. Not very good with sarcasm, unfortunately. And an aspiring (plus mediocre) artist and writer, aiming to break walls, and become a legacy.