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The evolving motorcycle industry of Pakistan

The evolving motorcycle industry of Pakistan

Owning a sports bike is all set to get easier for Pakistani Riders

With the release of Benelli motorcycles, enthusiasts all over Pakistan now have multiple options to choose from, and can buy bikes from local dealerships rather than importing them. This is cheaper with respect to both initial cost and monthly maintenance, and is the perfect opportunity for riders to move up to and experience larger bikes.

The well-known automobile establishment Buraq established a joint venture with Qianjiang motors and on June 30th launched Keeway and Benelli in Pakistan (both companies are owned by Qianjiang motors). Benelli is one of the oldest Italian motorcycle manufactures and was established in 1911, while Keeway is a relatively smaller motorcycle company that was born in Hungary in 1999. Both companies are highly reputable and offer great options ranging from relatively smaller 150cc bikes all the way to 600cc sports and cruiser bikes.

Benelli has recently announced the launch of the Tornado 302r and has also revealed plans to launch the TNT600I. The 302r is a sporty 300cc bike that is fast and versatile, and according to Benelli is designed to “bring out the racer within you”. The Benelli Facebook page is has said that the 302r’s price expected to be between 6 and 6.5 lac Rupees. Considering the fact that importing a brand new 300cc bike costs between 9 and 11 lakhs this is an absolute bargain.

The TNT600 is a ‘naked’ 600cc bike, designed to be brutally fast and absolutely guttural in nature. The expected price of the TNT600 is between 11 and 11.5 lac Rupees, again this a bargain since importing a 600cc motorcycle can cost around 15 to 18 lacs depending on the condition, make and model. Benelli also has a reasonably priced 250cc motorcycle; the TNT 25 at 4 lacs 75 thousand Rupees. This bike is a great option for riders who want to experience more power but also want a bike that is economical. Benelli also has plans to launch a 500cc bike; however, news regarding this is scarce at the moment.

Keeway was originally going to target the lower segment of the market with 250 and 150cc cruiser bikes; however, Qianjiang motors has decided to temporarily abandon the Keeway project and focus more on Benelli. However, the Keeway superlight 200 is still available in some cities. Riders who love cruiser style bikes also have the option to import Chinese cruiser bikes that have taken the market by storm. These bikes are cheap, easy to maintain and provide a much better experience compared to bikes such as the Honda 125, the Suzuki 150 and the Yamaha YBR 125 which are common in the market at the moment. Other Chinese companies that are offering good motorcycles at competitive prices are Sigma motors (imports bikes such as Tekken) and High Speed.

Owning a sports bike in Pakistan has always been somewhat of a dream for most people; however, with the launch of Benelli and the possible launch of other international companies this dream may not be so far-fetched after all.


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