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Event Coverage: NUST Olympiad Day 4

Event Coverage: NUST Olympiad Day 4

A beautiful end makes everything beautiful. Such was the fourth day of Olympiad, that left us with the gift of a beautiful memory; A memory of excitement, joy and laughter.

The day began with final matches of Futsal and Cricket, with Futsal played at the HBL  ground, and Cricket at SNS ground. Whenever the best of the best contend against each other, the match is bound to be thrilling. The cricket match was fought between Zalmi and Combined Zalmi. The zeal displayed by both teams was praise-worthy, but the determination of Combined Zalmi exceeded their opponent’s and they came out victorious. Futsal final was played between Team of Riphah University and Team 18, and Team 18 secured its deserving victory.

At the same time, the much awaited game called ‘Escape Room’ was being played. The rules were such that each team was sent into a designated room, which they had to then unlock and escape from by means of finding and following a series of clues. Clues were hidden in puzzling riddles, and after solving each of them, the team was given a key which led to the next clue. The winner would be the team who solved all the riddles in the least amount of time, and hence successfully escaped the room the quickest.

There were 30+ teams in total, and every team waited anxiously for their turn. Many were strategizing beforehand. The joyful attitude of the participants was reflected in many ways, one of which was how they named their teams, some of which were, “Team Shawarma”, “Team Hum Se Na Ho Paye Ga” and “Team Panic at the Dentist.”

During the game, a clown was assigned to annoy the players, in order to hinder their progress; one of the participants said, “It was a competitive drive; a rush but we surely found the whole ordeal comically funny.

Lastly, the closing ceremony of Olympiad began with a heart-warming and resounding cheer in CIPS Auditorium at 3:30pm.

No doubt, that while many were part of the Olympiad to experience the pleasure of the journey, still there contended with the respectable goal of winning acclaim and to experience the satisfaction of standing in front of everyone as dedicated winners with sought after Olympiad shields in their hands. The Director Student Affairs delivered a speech in which he expressed deep appreciation for NUST Olympiad 2019, making honorary mentions for all those who participated and those who won. It was followed by the serial announcement of winners, each being invited up on the stage to be awarded with their shields, beginning from the Athletics that included running sports and javelin throw. The joy of the moment was visible on their faces as they saw their strife bearing fruit while they stood as winners. Afterwards, certificates were given to all the participants, and cash prizes to winners. The closing ceremony was the final beautifying touch to Olympiad that marked the end of this magnificent event, leaving us with a tinge of nostalgia already, and a burning desire to experience it all over again the next year around.


With this, our PaperCrush Olympiad Series comes to its fitting conclusion. We wish all Olympiad winners our heartiest of congratulations and would like to tip our hats in fascination for the incredible efforts made by the phenomenal Olympiad Council and Host Team.



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