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Elementor #4503


By Fatima Rizwan

This January amidst the challenges of the global pandemic, NUST Media Club released its own quintessential talk show, “Duniya ke Rung, NUST ke sung” to entertain us in the comfort of our homes in these tedious times. 

The riveting talk show is dedicated to embellish our insipid lives and is fun-packed with stories and updates from the campus. Hosted by ebullient freshmen Hadia Rahat and Ahmed Shahvaiz, the show engages the viewers and urges us to grab a hot cup of coffee, get comfortable and enjoy the enthralling stories of our guests.

The half-hour-long show premiered its first episode on January 16th and the former presidents of NDS and NMC, Zain Saddique and Mohemin Mehmood respectively, joined us to share the inspirational and amusing stories of their university life.

Following the success and how well received the first episode was by the audience, NMC returned with the second episode of Duniya ke Rung, NUST ke sung” with its exuberant hosts, Hadia and Ahmed on 30th January.

This episode welcomed the well-accomplished former presidents of NLC, NEC, and NSS, Samar Mubarik, Jaffar Abbas, and Mohsin Ayub respectively. The guests looked back on their days as executives and directors and reflected upon how they emerged as leaders and presidents.

Samar Mubarik, an avid reader and literature lover, unveiled a funny, quirky but motivational story about how he confronted his stage fright by nerving himself to sing a song in front of an audience. This particular act made him strong and confident enough to share his thoughts and opinions. Samar went on to tell us how he arranged one of the best events in NLC’s history, “The NUST Literary Festival” in his tenure as a president. The fest being exhilarating as well as reasonably priced, won the hearts of its audience. Samar’s parents also joined him at the event making the fest even more memorable for him.

The next guest, the former president of NUST Environmental Club, an environmentalist, and a climate reality leader, Jaffar Abbas shared how he introduced events like “Safai ke Kashti” and “Free of Cost Carnival”. These events brought together fun and change and fashioned a whole new look to the club.

While explaining the importance of a clean environment, he recalled his time in Lahore when the smog increasingly prevailed in major cities of Punjab. Moreover, along with many other individuals, young Jaffar also developed the condition of asthma. This particular event in his life motivated him to fight against environmental hazards. In his opinion, protecting the environment is not a job confined to one group of people, but everyone is responsible for reforming society for the better.

The third guest of the show, the ex-president of NUST Science Society, and a highly inquisitive individual, Mohsin Ayub revealed “The Scavenger Hunt” as his favorite event. He uncovered that this event was declared exclusively for the freshmen to enjoy the new campus life at its most.

When asked about his experience in society, Mohsin shared how his early days in society made him tough and resilient for the future. According to him, consistency and hard work was the key to his achievements.

With that note, the guests signed off with best wishes and wise pieces of advice to the juniors. As its second episode came to an end, Duniya ke Rung, NUST ke sung successfully notched 1k views within few days of its upload. The whimsical and distinctive approach of the hosts to interviews topping with delightful and exclusive stories brings a warm, nostalgic smile to our faces. 

Stay tuned for the next episode of “Duniya ke Rung, NUST ke sung” which will return shortly with another set of admired and remarkable guests.