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Duniya ke Rung, NUST ke sung- the candid hour

Duniya ke Rung, NUST ke sung- the candid hour

The fog of boredom lurked around us, and the mounting gloom of deadlines hovered just ahead of the stroke of midnight. The academics were on the verge of giving up, the movies were becoming redundant, and life held no spark of entertainment. That is when NUST Media club bestowed us with their exhilarating talk-show, Duniya ke Rung, NUST ke Sung. 

The take-off episode, featuring two of NUST’s favorite personalities, Zain Saddique and Mohemin Mehmood, reignited the flames of nostalgia. To some, it paved the way to closure, while for others, it was reminiscent of the homely conversations they had with their seniors on the steps of C-1, with a warm cup of tea nestled in their hands.

We were seated before our heaters on a fairly cold night, huddled between our comforters. As soon as the clock struck 9, our friendly hosts, Hadia Rahat Khan and Ahmed Shahvaiz initiated the episode, first and foremost, prompting us to grab a cup of garam chai, because of course, every hearty conversation required one. 

The episode took us through a journey of lessons and guideposts that every freshman would do well to heed to, or they could very well fall into the dark abyss of stress, hopelessness, and despair. It embarked with diving straight into the nitty-gritty details of our guests’ campus lives.

Mohemin Mehmood, the ex-president of NUST Media Club, started from the very bottom: Getting fired from the NUST Debating Society. Taking it in stride, he chose to turn around his fate. He developed an interest in societal affairs, which eventually led him to become the president of NUST Media Club in his last year. Mohemin went on to tell us how he got rejected from NUST on his first try, yet he never lost faith and came back with the renewed determination to groom himself and become competent. We believe it was this drive that enabled him to achieve great heights today.

The second guest, the ex-president of the NUST Debating Society, Zain Saddique left us with some very wise words: “The path to excellence is not paved by aiming for the higher posts, rather aiming for becoming so distinguished, that the high posts come running to you.” Zain even provided us some insight on what were the Dos and Don’ts of getting into NDS. A quick tip: they are not looking for excellence rather for an eagerness to learn and improve. 

The show then moved on to the Rapid Fire Round. And that took us through the highs and lows of the alumni’s journey swiftly indeed. 

When asked about which of his events gave him the most sense of accomplishment, Zain said it most certainly had to be NUST IVY. The NDS former president reminisced how he started this journey as a backbencher, but when he bode farewell, he was known by all, and the sentiments quite evidently showed. Zain’s hard work, persistence, and engaging personality have certainly earned him the respect of those that know him.

Mohemin provided an anecdote from his assistant director days and stated that his most successful event had to be the one with only 12 attendees- and those too his classmates. He explained how that singular moment taught him to focus on the quality rather than the numbers. 

All in all, the two alumni paid an ode to NUST, recalling how their “home” gave them the most memorable years of their lives. They went ahead to ensure the freshmen hosts that they too would one day speak the same lines, and the time that passes will prove their journeys were one of the same, while being one of a kind as well. 

With parting notes revolving around resilience and pushing one’s self out of their comfort zones, our guests signed off smiling, signifying a time well spent.

As the first chapter of Duniya ke Rung, NUST ke sung came to a close, we learned that with the right mentor, friends, and colleagues, even the mountains will crumble to pave the path for your success. 


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