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Duniya ke Rung NUST ke Sung- Episode 5 Qudees Tariq Kiani

Duniya ke Rung NUST ke Sung- Episode 5 Qudees Tariq Kiani

Amidst our post-COVID hectic routine, NMC is there to back you up with its fun and entertaining events and activities planned. Another great episode of the entertaining and enjoyable talk show, ‘Duniya ke Rang, NUST ke Sung’ was conducted, following the same regime of having a fun interaction with a great personality and a questioning session with the audience to make the best of your day.

This session took place on the 11th of May, led by none other than our favorite Ahmad Siddique, a young talented, and humble personality who kept us entertained throughout the episode. The guest for this session was none other than Qudees Tariq Kayani, the national record holder for traveling from Khunjarab to Karachi on his cycle in only 16 days. Qudees requires no introduction as he is known as the founder of the NUST Trekking Club, a global UGRAD exchange student, and a great civil engineer alumnus of NUST.

The session started with the basic introduction of Qudees by our host and how his Ramadan was going. The topic of online classes and studies was briefly discussed and then shifted to his intriguing hobby, the experiences of traveling his country on his bicycle. He started by mentioning his first journey was from Islamabad to Lahore on his bicycle and added that the trip was particularly enjoyable because he did so without telling anyone. Qudees proceeded to talk about how he planned his trip to Karachi on his cycle next, which was sponsored by NUST, and that after getting the approval from his parents, it took 3 months for him to prepare.

In the first segment of the episode, Qudees recounted his dangerous yet thrilling experience of cycling- traveling entire days from 6 am to 6 pm. He described the event where he only relied on Google Maps for directions and then his light suddenly broke down on his way. Upon inquiring the guest, he also discussed the circumstances and rough events he had to face during the lockdown in Kashmir and how NUST had also been denying him permission for the journey because of certain risks.

Qudees explained that he got into an accident just the day before the trip was to start, and his knees were hurting after, but he started the ride the next day anyway. He had taken the bus to Khunjerab, and from there he was supposed to cycle back. The pain made it a bit difficult to climb the heights. He recalled that climbing the Babusar Top was actually the toughest and most dangerous part because of his knee injury. Qudees then admitted that many points in the journey made him feel like he should give up. However, he held on to his motivation because not completing the challenge would have negatively impacted his mental satisfaction. In the end, the journey was worth it as it was simply unparalleled when everyone welcomed him with open arms and offered him the best hospitality.

When asked for some tips for someone following his footsteps, he stated that no one should try to follow anyone as making your own way can easily let you explore more. Qudees emphasized that one cannot say that a thing that is good for him would be the same for someone else. He then proceeded to say that there is a difference between profession and hobbies, and cycling was his hobby and a hobby that should not be defined by someone else.

The second segment included playing a game in which Qudees had to say the first word to pop in his mind when a place was mentioned. Afterward, he reminisced about his experiences in NUST, the different schools, his freshmen year, and the baby steps he took during his early days. Upon sharing his memories of his younger days, he chuckled and recalled his attitude towards holding the events, as if he were the Rector at NUST.

The session concluded with Qudees giving a bit of essential advice to all the viewers, to keep on enjoying life no matter what happens and to “Do whatever you feel like if that what makes you feel productive in life.”


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