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Drama Con Lights Up the Night

Drama Con Lights Up the Night

On Thursday, 15th of November, NUST Dramatics Club hosted the highly anticipated Drama Con. The one-of-a-kind event was organized with the collaboration of NUST Music Xperiment and aimed to endorse the art of comical cosplay.

The evergreen SCME ground was chosen as the venue and the organizing committee began their preparations early in the day. By 5PM, the decor team had lived up to the billing and the stage was set for the evening.

As soon as the clock hit six, people started pouring in. Several stalls were set up by the aspiring students of NUST and they attracted a lot of attention. It was however, a group of sophomores from SADA that took the limelight with their stall of face painting. Their magnificently detailed make-up turned many heads and the stall was soon surrounded by a large number of onlookers.

Soon, the event cordially began with the cosplay competition. The excitement of the crowd was on show as their favorite superheroes walked on the ramp. Several people showed off their meticulous costumes but in the end, the participant dressed up as Deadpool stole the show as he flossed his way into the hearts of people. Unsurprisingly, the announcement of his triumph was greeted with emphatic cheering from the spirited crowd.

After the cosplay, the masses shifted their attention towards the aromatic stalls of pizza and barbeque. A quick-fire quiz was arranged for the comic book fandom as their fictional knowledge was put to the test. Later, the famed undergraduate of NUST and Nescafe Basement artist, Yashal Shahid graced the event with her powerful high notes and soon the entire horde couldn’t help but sing-along to her vocals.

The best, however, was saved for last as the glamorous lineup of Disk Jockeys took the stage. By this time, the area around the stage was jam-packed as a plethora of people cheered on as the DJs left people gasping for air with their chic and swanky beats. The beat drops were welcomed warmly by now the somewhat wild crowd and even the sturdiest people couldn’t resist dancing.

The curfew time, however, rained on the parade as people had to evacuate the venue by 11 PM.

We had a chance to speak with Ammar Shafqat who is a member of the décor team of NUST Dramatics Club. He stated, “Never in my wildest dreams had I ever thought that we were capable of hosting such an incredible evening. The only thing I regret is not bringing my water bottle!”

By the end of the evening, everyone seemed drained of their energy and that’s probably the best compliment one can give to a festivity. Two hours of constant raving had gotten the best out of everyone yet they seemed content because it is nights like these that formalities are unknown and all we really know are cheers and laughter.


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