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Dear People

Dear People

Dear Friends

Dear “Friends”,

I understand what I put you through; Just dumping my problems and insecurities like that on you. It’s not your job to hear me out; Just to laugh at everything I say here and about.

Dear Mom and Dad

Dear “Mom and Dad”,

rehearsed the script just like before. Swear I kept a straight face for the mirror, But couldn’t keep it together anymore. Now, let’s wrap up the mess I made as fast as we can. If they ever couldn’t, how would you ever understand?

Dear Old Friends

Dear “Old Friends”,

Day by day, I understand the dynamics of friendship even better. It’s not my place to just say what I feel, right? I’m the one in the wrong; they’re just doing me a favour. Oh wait… Are you sure that’s toxic behaviour?

Dear All the People who Rang
                  Me up out of Nowhere

Dear “All the People who Rang Me up out of Nowhere”,

There’re so many other people that you all happen to know, And out of all of them, I’m the one to whom you decide to

go…? Oh well, I guess I must have

done something right. But I was just being myself… How could this be right?

Dear Friend Who Happened to Catch               Me When I Was Down

Dear “Friend Who Happened to Catch Me When I Was Down”,

I can’t put up the façade any longer. | So, I’ll just keep it real, and repulsively soppy. I can be a train-wreck sometimes, And I can almost hear you say, “It’s not that important” But then you unexpectedly say, “You never have to be sorry.”

Dear Cousins

Dear cousins,

Our next road trip happened to be to Lahore, And we were honest with each other like never before.

I sent my Lahori “university bro” a snap on

Snapchat, But oh well, with people like you by my side, Who cares if they didn’t text back?

Dear Myself

So, Dear Myself,

and just saying, “Boo hoo!”, they said that all you do is overwhelm. “Boo hoo!”, they don’t ask you for plans; you ask them. The problem isn’t with you; it’s with the people pointing fingers.

They want to believe you’re falling, but now,

you’ve got it all together.So, Dear Myself


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