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Convocation in COVID-19 Pandemic

Convocation in COVID-19 Pandemic

2020 turned out to be an unexpected year for all and pushed everyone to adjust their priorities in their life according to the demanding circumstances of COVID 19.

Academically, the year has been toughest for the graduating students, who not only had to cope with switching to online classes in the most crucial year of their studies but had to leave an important part of their life behind suddenly and without proper closure. After spending four unforgettable years at NUST campus that became a second home for many, the sudden departure from it due to COVID 19 has demotivated the graduating students greatly. Since everything has been switched online due to safety concerns, the convocation, something every university student desperately dreams of attending, has been switched online too. This decision has further immensely affected the morale of the graduating batch, who feel devastated that their once in a lifetime opportunity to attend unarguably the most significant event of the university life, has been compromised. Getting together with their batchmates for one last time and bidding final goodbyes is something they need to close their chapter of university life and before moving on to greater goals.

Even with the best of intentions and efforts, a virtual convocation cannot replace the real convocation ceremony. That’s because virtual communication is unsettling and unfulfilling as the basic human need of being immersed in an atmosphere cannot be met online. To present their points and discuss the matter, the graduating students formed a Facebook group “novirtualconvocationnust” whose hashtag was also trending on Twitter. They mentioned that they did not enjoy the graduation trip and farewell and feel they at least deserve a proper convocation after the hectic year. A convocation is a huge event that not only the graduating students but their parents were extremely looking forward to, who feel immensely proud of their children’s success. After all, many of them have dreamt of cheering on their child as they see him/her walk on stage to graduate and wish to fully celebrate their children’s achievements.

Thus, the graduating students are sincerely hoping that keeping in mind the SOPs, a non-virtual convocation ceremony is held so that they could conduct their graduation properly and in a way they truly deserve after all their hard work.

Here are screenshots of a few of the many posts under #novirtualconvocationnust:


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