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Change Can Be Beautiful

Change Can Be Beautiful

The four seasons, Summer – I wish it were colder, Winter – I wish it were warmer, Spring – I wish I didn’t have allergies, and Autumn – I wish I were happy. Oh wait, let’s backspace a bit; Summer – beach parties, Winter – bonfire nights, Spring – kite flying, and Autumn – jumping in heaps of leaves. Now that’s a bit better.

Each season brings its own unique flavor to the table; Autumn-the short-lived season, squashed in between summer and winter is, without doubt, the most loved of them all. The word autumn is derived from the old French word ‘autompne’ which later came into Latin as ‘autumnus’, although it was previously simply known as ‘harvest’. In America, the season is more commonly known as ‘fall’ because, you know, leaves fall down.

In Greek mythology, Euros – the Titan of the East wind, was associated with autumn. Later, the Horae came to be the goddesses associated with the seasons, representing order and natural justice. The three Horae were the daughters of Zeus – the king god of the sky, and Aphrodite – the goddess of love and beauty. Out of the three, Carpo was the goddess of autumn and the harvest, and most importantly was the guardian of the road of Olympus, covering the pathway with clouds and only revealing it to the gods.

Autumn brings with it a chilly sensation, where it’s warm enough to not freeze to death but cold enough to go out on long walks and drink hot chocolate. The crunchy leaves beneath your feet and the oranges and reds scattered in the trees instill a feeling of peace and serenity. Change never looked more beautiful. With hoodie season finally, here, you’ll be sure to see smiles all around as people come out in the colorful woods, go apple picking, and bake their favorite pies. We all know the feeling of the wind whispering in the trees and the dropped leaves blowing around making you feel warm in your heart.

With it comes Halloween, the favorite holiday of kids everywhere because of CANDY! And for nerds like me, it’s time for all the series premieres, with the smell of fandom in the air, you’ll find people all excited for all the new books coming out. To cozy yourself down in the covers and read with a mug of coffee is one way to enjoy the autumn time. So ignore all the deadlines for a while, enjoy the crisp air, jump into a pile of leaves because autumn will be over before you can blink but at least you’ll have the memories to cherish forever.

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