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Campus – The Three Concordias

Campus – The Three Concordias

You’re not a true NUSTian until you’ve acquainted yourself with the three Concordia. Be it Concordia 1, 2 or 3 (C1, C2, C3 respectively), you’ll find students of NUST enjoying their options of a very detailed menu, with broad maniacal smiles plastered across their faces. Well, can you blame them? This is the language of food, and they understand it. So if you’re a newbie, this one goes out to helping you with an image of the three meet-and-eat hubs.

Are you looking for some place “happening” in NUST? C1 should be your go-to place. Society meetings, endless registration lines for adventurous trips, the chattering of students, the stray cats being fed by cat lovers, and many more build up an experience of the place to be what it is. It’s a cesspool of noise, laughter, and chaos mixed in with the inviting aromas of the tikkas being cooked. The soundscape of the place involves loud indistinctive chats. “My favourite is the blueberry scooped ice-cream, and it will be yours too, once you try it on a winter eve.”, says Fatima Khan, a senior year student at S3H.


To satisfy the calmer introvert foodie inside you, head towards C2. “Everyone is engaged in their own little bubble of friends. Also, are you even fair to yourself if you haven’t tried the slushes at C2?” , Mahhah K. says as she talks about her experience throughout her student life at NUST. C2 has a serenading aura to it, with a little bakery nested right within the walls of C2 where confectionaries are served and soft music plays in the background. Rida Shah, an undergraduate says, “I love how the sun-rays enter the spacious sitting hall and give you a warm welcoming feeling.” P.S: C2 has a tailor that many people do not know of.

All food items and basics covered, the third Concordia is a whole new experience. It’s located at the edge of a small cliff, with the Headquarter building at the back, and a beautiful view of the Nust lake at front. “My friends and I have been visiting this place for three years now. We call it mini Monal, as the view is stunning after sunset.”, Hareem Sattar says. Students and faculty get to take in the breathtaking view as they sip their tea or coffee and forget that they have to go back to their daily university routine.

The uniqueness of these cafes is what makes them so appealing, they all resemble structurally, but differ in their specific auras.

Edited by: Shizza Yasmeen Hashmi


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