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Blatant Honesty: Don’t be anyone’s dartboard

Blatant Honesty: Don’t be anyone’s dartboard

Yes, we are all graduating and that means the world around us going to shift entirely! In the last few months the number of times I have heard people say everything is changing, move on, it`s over, grow up, you aren`t thinking out of the box, you`re ordinary, you aren`t any different etc. is uncountable. I feel like a dart board with everyone hurling their arrows, rubbing in the reality of life, which makes me think am I the only one who has not gotten life yet. And has everyone got it? What is the secret?

After a lot of thinking, pondering, observing, listening to humans around me I have realized I do not want to know their secret. This is not the change I want which everyone is blindly following. I do not want to jump on the band wagon. Because the key to success isn`t a sudden realization where we stop and start bullshitting about everyone and everything, the key to success is not realizing your thought process is superior and of the person next to you is inferior, it is not passing sarcastic remarks, it isn`t letting down people, it isn`t crushing the person next to you, it is not telling a person you are ordinary.

There`s no one definition of success but doing the above things and trying to fit in just to pretend we are “motivated” and we are “different” will get us nowhere. Struggle is the only thing that gets you along. The world is cruel and it is rightly said that you are all you have. When you need a shoulder to lean on the most, you will not find it. Real success means that, despite the fact you are alone you still push through and do what`s best for you. You will get your success sooner or later.

Crushing someone`s smile and making them realize the things that sparkle interest in their eyes are actually ordinary, snubbing someone when they tell you their ideas, their dreams, their aspirations, making someone believe their problem is not significant, letting people down, defaming them, I can go on forever about the wrongs we do to people without thinking about them. When did these become important aspects of the road to success? This shows the utter wrongness that has penetrated deep into our minds and hearts. By following this attitude we are creating bitter human beings and making this world a sad, gloomy place.

Yes, things are changing, every day is different. Believe in people. Listen to their ideas, be the source of motivation for others that you long for yourself and remember keep moving forward. There`s no one time or only one opportunity for success. We have to understand that there are lots of chances that we will miss but if we stay focused and passionate and trust the timing of the universe we`ll keep getting chances. Without failing we would seize to grow, our minds will stop developing and that is the single worst thing that can happen to anyone. Failing is essential. I still remember myself as a little 9 year old girl tip toeing, writing with a red crayon over my cupboard “whenever you fall pick something up” after 14 years I have realized that was the single most important thing I could teach myself.

In short, very poetically speaking the sun is going to shine again, and sun is you. It is okay to not always know what is going to happen tomorrow, the trick is not letting anyone dull your shine. Change is immensely scary and your world does turn upside down when you are graduating, now is the time to be each other’s support and make extra ordinary things happen. Don`t be anyone`s dartboard, you are anything but ordinary.

The author will be graduating from S3H in two weeks time.


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