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Awaaz Episode 2: Mehdi Maloof

Awaaz Episode 2: Mehdi Maloof

Continuing its tradition of bestowing us with immensely fun and engaging talk shows, NUST Media Club returned on the 31st of January 2020 with the second episode of Awaaz, featuring the stunning and prodigal Mehdi Maloof.

This interactive session with the renowned singer promised to be an exciting affair, and it more than delivered, enthralling viewers for over half an hour as the extremely charismatic singer answered riveting questions, recounted some of his most memorable experiences from over the years, and parted words of advice for the audience.

With the ever-growing interest that our youth has for music, Mehdi Maloof was the perfect person to be featured in this interactive session. Not only a talented musician who has featured in the likes of Coke Studio but a CSS officer as well, he provided a mix of easy-going and professional behavior as he answered the questions the host, Press Secretary of NMC Marium Ejaz, asked him. Truly

The session started off with Mehdi Maloof sitting in a car enjoying some Gol Gappas and the following couple of minutes saw him receive some advice from the host as to the location of some truly delectable Gol Gappas. Perhaps, as he provided us with advice, he also learned something of importance, even if it was simply the best place to get food. Following these interesting first couple of minutes, the talk went over to why he is known by the name of ‘Cobra’ the resulting story of which was definitely a fascinating one.

Moving to specific questions regarding specific song names and lyrics, Mehdi Maloof recounted his experiences living in a run-down building, which paved the way to his hit song, ‘Gandi Si Building’.

His story of how he moved on from that to where he is now was immensely inspiring as it showed the merit of hard work and how we can get out of the toughest of situations if we try hard enough. Following that, the host went on to talk about Mehdi Maloof’s song ‘Do Hi Rastay Hain’ and the story behind these two paths. This led to quite an intriguing talk revolving about philosophers and poets, and some very insightful talk which is best experienced directly from him.

The proceeding few questioned delved deeper into his CSS career. Being an artist alongside an occupation like CSS, though not unheard of, is not particularly common. He talked about how of his two professions, his music career is the one he holds dearer, and he went on to give some advice to the viewer regarding CSS and how one should know what they are getting into before they commit to it- a piece of advice worth heeding for all aspects of life.

There was also great talk about his song ‘1947’, which addressed some very pressing matters in our country, particularly revolving around the lyric ‘Iss parcham kai saye talay hum sab kuch par aik nahi’, and how there is a lack of oneness and unity among our people. It is moments like these that truly made this interactive session a must-watch, as, amidst the jokes and light-hearted moments, Mehdi Maloof talked about some very profound things.

Changing things up with some true-false questions, we moved on towards the final few minutes of this memorable interactive session. Afterward, Mehdi Maloof was provided with several different celebrity names which he had to rank in ascending order. His responses, as well as the stories and reasoning behind them, were quite enjoyable to listen to. And the highlight of this session, of course, was him singing his ‘Smol Song’, a song that any student of NUST could relate to. Amazing

Ultimately, the session came to a close with some final few questions, including the people he would credit for his success. All in all, this enjoyable episode of Awaaz was truly remarkable one to remember thanks to the incredible Mehdi Maloof, whose wit had us hanging onto his every word throughout.


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