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Average Life of a Guy in a NUST Society

Average Life of a Guy in a NUST Society

During my first week at NUST, a few people entered the class one day to share details about one of the many societies in this university. They handed us flyers that included a dozen or so incentives for joining: ‘Discounts at our events’, ‘Preference over non-members’, ‘Free mugs and t-shirts!’ and, the one that actually caught my attention, ‘Free guitar lessons! Become a member for just Rs.100’.

I immediately started daydreaming about joining these societies as an executive, and having the liberty to enjoy all these freebies.

If only it was as easy as that.

The Interview

This might be one of the hardest phases in your journey. No matter how many interviews you’ve given in the past, what positions you have held in other societies before, the number of times you have practiced your social skills, you will still get a cold shoulder 15 minutes before every single interview.
It all starts with an awkward introduction of yourself followed by a dozen fake compliments when asked the inevitable question: “Why do you want to be part of this society?”

You: “Psssfffttt, well, obviously because this society is far superior to the others.” (And then go on to repeat the same response to all the other societies.)

And then the guilt-tripping: “Would you leave an event of another society for an event of this society?”

You: “Psssfffttt, obviously!” (While knowing well you would leave both of them for a good sleep.)


The First Task

 Skipping the part where you beg your director friends “Yaar, in kara”, you are finally a member of a particular society and sitting at the uncomfortable ice-breaking session at the orientation.
As your first task, your director tells you to make a minute sheet, create a poster or a typeform, or find a sponsor – and, suddenly, you forget how to talk on the phone or turn on a computer. Even after you manage to get the task done, you continue being paranoid and succeed in convincing yourself that you didn’t do a good enough job so you should do it over until (and if) you are satisfied.


The Meetings

This is a hypothetical situation when the meeting actually does take place instead of being cancelled for petty reasons.

“I can’t come, I have a class around that time.”

“I have to get home urgently.”

“I have a meeting with another society.” (Which is obviously more important than you will ever be.)

Well, you get the gist.

It’s also one of those unfathomable mysteries of the universe that a meeting always takes place the furthest distance from your current position. If you are in SMME, the meeting will probably be in IESE, and if you are in NICE, the meeting will be held at C1.

And when you finally reach your destination while risking your life in the process, the director just ends up saying, “I’ll tell you the details in the group chat,” which makes you question the reason for the formality in the first place.


The Day of the Event


Need I say more?



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