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Author: Tooba Nadeem

About The Author

Tooba Nadeem

I love reading novels. Writing is my passion. I love to play basketball and squash

Voice of the Soul

She  was sitting beside the bank of the river, looking at her empty hands, thinking he is not in her hands now…. Hoor is basically the kind of girl whose expectations have been hurt by a person whom she loves and trusts the most. She asked herself “Why do I love him from the core of my heart? Why is he even the whole world to me? Why is my heart still beating for him, even after he’s left me alone?”. She started questioning her existence; why was she even alive? But her questions remained unanswered… She started looking...

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Student Mushaira 6.0

By Tooba Nadeem وہ تو خوشبو ہے، ہواؤں میں بکھر جائے گا مسئلہ پھول کا ہے، پھول کدھر جائے گا Inviting all literature enthusiasts and admires of skillful wordplay to get together, NUST Literary Circle (NLC) organized its sixth “Student Mushaira” on Thursday, 5th December, where spears of words were thrown and rhymes were pelted. The event commenced at 2:00pm with the arrival of the judges in SEECS Seminar Hall. They were welcomed by a vehement crowd. First of all, a few verses of Holy Quran were recited, after which the host enchanted the listeners with a beautiful poem....

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“Be Grateful, Be Happy”

Walking in the air of rumination, incarcerated by exasperation and melancholy, I was drowning in the river of despair a few months ago on my way to university. My mood was off because I was lamenting over the things I wanted but couldn’t have. Suddenly, I saw a girl who was looking for food in the garbage. I had seen such things before, but I had never realized how difficult it was to find food like that. I started comparing my life to that of the little girl. I thought of how lucky I was. Everyday, I eat the...

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کر بھلا سو ہو بھلا

“سعدی اندر آ جاؤ بیٹا! شام ہو گی ہے-” شیزا دروازے پر کھڑی اپنے نو سال کے بیٹے کو بلا رہی تھی جو باہر دوستوں کے ساتھ کرکٹ کھیلنے میں مصروف تھا- “چلو بیٹا منہ ہاتھ دھو لو – میں نے تمہارے لیے کولڈ کیک بنایا ہے-” سعدی اب اندر آ چکا تھا “اوکے ماما! میں ابھی آتا ہوں-” سعدی یہ کہتا ہوا اپنے کمرے میں چلا گیا. اور شیزا گھر کے کام کرنے میں مصروف ہو گئی- کچھ دیر بعد سعدی کے چیخنے کی آواز شیزا کی سماعتوں سے ٹکرائ- آواز سنتے ہی شیزا کمرے کی طرف لپکی-...

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