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Author: Shahzad Nasiruddin

What is Bitcoin and why you should know about it?

As of now, 1 Bitcoin is approximately worth a staggering 590,000 Pakistani Ruppees! Its value has seen an exponential rise, particularly over the last year. One of the reasons for Bitcoin’s rising popularity is that it is decentralized. There is no government, bank, or higher authority governing it. This is being seen as a way for the public to regain the some of the ‘financial influence’ from these higher authorities. Moreover, Bitcoin transactions are ‘peer-to-peer’ which means that no third-party is involved between. Bitcoin is a form of currency. However, it is unlike other typical paper-based forms of currency...

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            The capital vs the largest city, the political centre vs the economic centre, the north vs the south, the mountains vs the sea, Islamabad and Karachi are undoubtedly two of the most important cities of Pakistan (sorry, Lahore). Both these cities have their own peculiar lifestyles which are quite different from each other. Having lived in both cities, I am now here to dispel the various perceptions and rumours that often float around and give an honest review of the lifestyles in both Islamabad and Karachi. I’ve heard clichéd sayings from nearly every...

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PREVIEW: The biggest night of Hollywood is upon us! This Sunday, the 89th Academy Awards (commonly known as the Oscars) will take place to honour the finest films of the past year. 2016 wasn’t the best of years globally but it was still a great year for cinema. We got to witness numerous amazing movies. These include the dazzling and magical musical, La La Land, emotional drama films like Moonlight and Manchester by the Sea and the intellectual sci-fi epic, Arrival. 2016 also saw the release of many blockbusters like Captain America: Civil War, Suicide Squad, Deadpool and Rogue...

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The Top 10 Hollywood Movies of 2016

Captain America: The Winter Soldier   2016 was the year of Superhero movies. Deadpool, Batman vs Superman, Suicide Squad, Doctor Strange, all came out this year. But if there’s one film that stands out amongst these, it’s Captain America: Civil War. This movie involves all of Marvel’s finest including Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow and even Spiderman! To back up this star studded cast is an intriguing story which involves a clash between the allies of Iron Man and Captain America. The movie manages to manage its intensity throughout without being too over-the-top or pretentious. The Winter Soldier...

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